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Time:2010-08-13 14:32:35
In 2014, the city's science and technology work based on promoting the coordinated development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei, the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, deepen the reform of science and technology, focusing on the construction of scientific and technological innovation system, consolidate and improve the dominant position of enterprise technology innovation, accelerate the construction of a national innovation oriented city. The new national and international scientific and technological cooperation base 1, Provincial International Science and technology cooperation base 2, academician workstation 8, provincial 7 innovative enterprises, the provincial agricultural science and Technology Park 2; 3, high-tech enterprises identified the focus of national Torch Plan 82 high-tech enterprises, the provincial level Industrial Technology Research Institute, 1. At the end of the city's total key high-tech enterprise of national Torch Plan 14, 396 high-tech enterprises. 2 Engineering Research Center in the provincial management sequence Engineering Technology Research Center, respectively, to build Shijiazhuang Tianquan dairy cattle company building in Hebei Province Cow Breeding Engineering Technology Research Center, Hebei science and Technology Co. Ltd. and Meibang engineering Tianjin University Hebei province membrane engineering technology research center; plan construction engineering technology research center Hebei 6 Engineering Research Center in new cognizance; municipal engineering and technology research center 20. Luancheng Zhengding Development Zone has been approved by the provincial high-tech industrial development zone. In 2014, the added value of high-tech enterprises above designated size was 31 billion yuan, an increase of 13%. By the end of 2014, the city had 9 state-level international scientific and technological cooperation bases, accounting for 40% of Hebei Province, 11 provincial-level international scientific and technological cooperation bases, and 14 municipal international scientific and technological cooperation bases. 310 kinds of scientific and technological achievements were identified, of which 260 were above the leading domestic level. Selected 3 special awards for science and technology in Shijiazhuang, 86 scientific and technological progress awards, including 12 first prize, two prize 28, three prize 46, organization award 7. Registration technical contract 1177, technical contract turnover of 1 billion 167 million yuan, accounting for 39.07% of the province, ranking first in the province.
Throughout the year for the Ministry of science and technology, the Provincial Department of science and technology, 276 kinds of scientific and technological projects, 217 million 952 thousand and 680 yuan of funds. Among them, the state-level science and technology projects 65, 130 million 582 thousand and 680 yuan of funds; 211 provincial-level projects, funds 87 million 370 thousand yuan. In 2014 the city's 235 projects included in the Municipal Science and technology research and development program of dl-3-butylphthalide pharmaceutical, Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical Group "dl-3-n-butylphthalide injection research and development" and other 10 projects included in the city's major science and technology research project, to declare the "satellite mobile communication terminal RF chip industry" and other 15 projects included in the major scientific and technological achievements into the project of Hebei Province in 2015. We will accelerate the development of new and high technology, carry out the demonstration project of information technology in manufacturing industry, and promote the construction of innovative industrial clusters such as satellite navigation and location services, optoelectronics and high-end equipment manufacturing. 73 projects of Hebei science and technology support in 2015 are recommended. Among them, 9 projects, such as industrial process control, silicon flow sensor and system, will be declared in 2015. 25 projects included in the provincial science and Technology Support Program projects, access to financial support 14 million 550 thousand yuan. Promotion of rural science and technology level, high standards of agricultural science and Technology Achievements Transformation Fund project, the national science and technology Fumin County special spark plan project, active docking and into the development strategy of national agricultural science and technology. Agricultural science and technology throughout the year for national planning projects 19, funding 20 million 420 thousand yuan; for provincial Support Program projects 31, funding 11 million 650 thousand yuan. Development of people's livelihood technology, based on new drug research and development and new formulation technology, strengthen the scientific and technological program, support the early cultivation of bio medicine projects, and promote technological innovation in key industries energy saving and emission reduction. The people's livelihood of the year for the national science and technology projects in 12, including "973 project" 1, "863 project", 1 major national drug created special 10, 42 million 160 thousand yuan of funds in place; for the provincial science and technology project 16, 6 million 790 thousand yuan of funds in place. To promote cooperation in science and technology, based on in-depth business research, combined with major advantageous industries in Shijiazhuang city science and technology demand, mining and planning a number of major international scientific and technological cooperation projects, including 5 projects included in the national and international scientific and technological cooperation projects, funds for 12 million 60 thousand yuan; 3 projects included in the plan of international cooperation in science and technology projects, funds for 1 million 100 thousand yuan. Support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, adopt policy guidance, centralized training, key support, financial support and other measures to do a good job in nurturing and identifying small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises. In 2014, the city's 94 technology-based SMEs and service institutions won the national and provincial Innovation Fund (funds) 46 million 620 thousand yuan. Among them, the national innovation fund project 22 projects, funding 27 million 420 thousand yuan; the province's innovative funding projects 72 projects, funding 19 million 200 thousand yuan.
Build scientific and technological innovation platform, give full play to the role of scientific and technological enterprise incubators, promote the construction of innovative talents, and enhance the ability of independent innovation of enterprises. "Hebei Province special separation membrane engineering research center and 2 Engineering Research Center in the provincial management sequence Engineering Technology Research Center; Hebei province environmental monitoring equipment engineering technology research center" 6 Engineering Research Center in Hebei Province Engineering Technology Research Center of construction plan. Approved by the provincial science and Technology Department, Hebei University Of Science and Technology to build "Hebei province increased timber manufacturing industry technology research institute", this is the first time in Shijiazhuang province to build provincial industrial technology research institute. New "Shijiazhuang medium power engine engineering technology research center" and other municipal engineering research center 20. To the end of 2014, the city has a research center of provincial engineering technology (Key Laboratory) of 224, the National Engineering Research Center 1, 58 provincial and municipal 121; National Key Laboratory of Ministry of 2, 2, 40 at the provincial level. Shijiazhuang city in 2014 36 capital reward innovation platform 18 million yuan, which rewards Guoxiang transportation technology center, 13 provincial key enterprises of complete sets of equipment glass substrate technology and 3 provincial engineering laboratory of the 1 million yuan of funds; 18 municipal enterprise technology center, bolunteguang pharmaceutical and veterinary drug reward of 2 municipal engineering laboratory the 100 thousand yuan of funds. Management level and incubation ability of scientific and technological incubators. 34 people included in the first batch of Hebei torch entrepreneur mentor list. Shijiazhuang Tianshan science and Technology Industrial Park Operation Service Center, Shijiazhuang Zhongtian Technology Enterprise Incubator Co., Ltd., 2 provincial science and technology enterprise incubators. By the end of 2014, the city had identified 4 state-level business incubator and 5 provincial level, with an incubation area of nearly 1 million square meters, 660 enterprises in incubation, involving software, electronics, information, biomedicine and other fields of industry. The performance of Shijiazhuang science and technology center construction has become prominent, 540 national incubator for assessment of class A (excellent) 72 incubators of Hebei province is the only class a incubator, won the title of Hebei Province outstanding academician expert service center, and is that small and medium enterprises in Hebei Province demonstration of public service platform. New breakthrough of public technical service platform. Shijiazhuang international bio pharmaceutical technology service platform (central laboratory) by "FDA", the Canadian Ministry of health, "China CNAS" certification, becoming the first domestic also has more than 3 laboratories biomedical public technical service platform, laboratory level and ability to meet international standards, certificate or report signed a mutual recognition agreement in 56. Countries and regions are recognized, the elimination of non-tariff technical barriers to trade effectively, reduce duplication detection. Science and technology venture investment and financing services platform to promote the successful incubation of 3 listed companies in the capital market. Shijiazhuang large instruments and equipment sharing platform to carry out foreign cooperation and exchanges, access to the platform website reached about 200000 times, the cumulative more than 4000 enterprises, units of technological innovation to provide inspection and testing services more than 6 times. Increase efforts to introduce and cultivate high-level talents, organize and carry out third science and technology innovation team in the lead character, identification, identification of new technology leader, science and technology innovation team 15; new academician workstation 8, at the end of the city's academician workstation reached 23, more than 80 academicians to contact cooperation. In 2014, Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical Group Co. Ltd., Shijiazhuang Jingang Kaiyuan Power Limited company in Hebei Province, the introduction of intellectual work advanced unit title.
Promote the recognition of high-tech enterprises, strengthen the management of intellectual property rights and enhance the service capabilities of science and technology. The year 82 new high-tech enterprises, the focus of national Torch Plan high-tech enterprises 3; new provincial 7 innovative enterprises, at the end of the city's total national innovative (pilot) enterprise 5, provincial innovative enterprises and provincial innovative pilot enterprises 38, of which 24 innovative enterprises; innovative city (pilot) 57. To support the development of SMEs, the drafting of the "Shijiazhuang SME growth plan (2014 - 2017)", the introduction of "measures for the administration of funds for technological innovation of Shijiazhuang city science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises (for Trial Implementation)", the newly established innovation fund 10 million yuan; the new identification technology based SMEs 727. The development of universities and research institutes to attract excellent talent service in small and medium sized enterprises, established the first industrial enterprise technology correspondent system in the province; screening of the 2 batch of 76 industrial enterprise technology correspondent stationed enterprises, help enterprises to make technology development strategy, carry out technical research, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the establishment of innovation platform and base. Strengthen the propaganda of science and technology policy, and adopt the training course, communication and coordination with the tax department to promote the implementation of the R & D expenses deduction and deduction policy. In the city's 17 provincial-level development zones to carry out patent raising action, eliminating the "zero patent" enterprises 157. The implementation of enterprise intellectual property standards act, the new "standard" to cultivate pilot enterprises of enterprise intellectual property management standards 6, at the end of the city's cultivation of enterprise intellectual property standards 43 pilot enterprises, including 14 national standards through certification, accounting for nearly 10%. Help 8 enterprises successfully obtain commercial banks patent pledge loans 122 million yuan. The amount of patent applications increased rapidly. In 2014, 6373 patents were granted and 4433 were authorized, of which 2089 were patent applications and 677 were authorized. No fake patent demonstration units to create activities, the cumulative build "no fake patent demonstration unit" reached 70; the fight against IPR infringement and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods, counterfeit patent commodities OTC rate below 1%, tort disputes mediation law limits the closing rate reached more than 90%.
Expand the field of livelihood technology research and application and promotion, vigorously implement the livelihood project of science and technology. In 2014, the city arranged 26 biological medicine projects, accounting for 52% of the number of projects in the field of social development, both new drug research and development and new formulations of technology projects. We will promote technological innovation in energy conservation and emission reduction in key industries, strengthen air pollution control and energy conservation and emission reduction in key industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, building materials, metallurgy, etc., and arrange 17 projects for energy saving and emission reduction projects. To encourage and support the technological innovation in the field of medical and health, the high incidence rate, serious harm to people's health, and major common multiple disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, arrangement of "fracture development" healing efficacy evaluation of antibody chip etc. the order task, to the city's medical institutions recommend screening 2015 Provincial Health Project 11. The implementation of the action of agriculture, rural science and technology service, selection of experts, professional and technical personnel and local personnel 143 people consisting of the third batch of agricultural science and technology correspondent, in-depth agricultural production line, wherein the individual correspondent 110, legal correspondent correspondent team 25, 8. To promote the construction of agricultural science and Technology Park, the new provincial agricultural science and technology correspondent innovation base 2, a total of 9; the new provincial-level agricultural science and Technology Park 2, a total of 9; the completion of the municipal area characteristic advantage industry science and technology demonstration base 31. Exploration and planning science and technology correspondent services, science and Technology Park base docking activities, the newly formed mountain apple industry, dry grains of 2 industrial technology innovation alliance; the opening of rural science and technology service system, the provincial capital 12396 years training farmers to 1 million 200 thousand people ". To carry out the breeding of new agricultural varieties (lines), 15 varieties were approved by the provincial level to realize the combination of conventional breeding techniques and biological breeding techniques. The implementation of the national grain yield science and technology project, in 2014, agricultural experts in the Gaocheng area of wheat research field, the actual harvest, 721.2 new wheat varieties, 633 mu per mu yield, once again refresh the Hebei wheat yield per unit record. To promote national medicinal materials and preparations for the construction of industrial clusters, the establishment of medicinal materials and preparations of the national industrial technology innovation strategic alliance; a major new drug technology special topic "high-end garden of medicine of drug innovation incubator" project by the state. To carry out scientific propaganda activities, in 2014 the national science and technology culture and health "three countryside activities for the first time to start in Xingtang County of Shijiazhuang City, Xingtang County Science and technology support fund about 2000000 yuan; play the" Shijiazhuang city science preaching tour service group ", the deep rural communities and schools to carry out science lectures more than 380 screenings, more than 5 people participated in the training of the number.
We will promote the construction of a large market for science and technology and speed up the upgrading of technology transfer and service capabilities. In July 18th, the Municipal Bureau of science and technology was responsible for the construction, management and operation of the Shijiazhuang science and technology market, completed and started operation, with a construction area of 6500 square meters. To establish cooperative relations in 2014 Shijiazhuang science and technology market with the State Intellectual Property Office, Beijing and other parts of the country 15 technology transfer departments and research institutions, set up the operating mechanism of the technology market; the introduction of Construction Bank, Huaxia Bank, Hebei bank and the Tianjin stock exchange, Shijiazhuang stock exchange and 42 financial, securities, accounting, lawyers, industry and commerce, taxation, asset appraisal and business services, provide comprehensive one-stop service to enterprises. The cooperation with research institutes, to carry out the implementation of the Beijing Tianjin University, Tianjin key technology research, absorb transformation of scientific and technological achievements, focusing on 36 scientific and technological achievements and platform construction project cooperation with Beijing and Tianjin, the 6 key transformation project as Shijiazhuang docking Beijing and Tianjin Industrial projects. To promote scientific and technological cooperation, 38 units and the United States, Germany and other 27 countries and regions to establish scientific and technological cooperation and exchange relations. Shijiazhuang Yishengtang medical supplies Co., Ltd. is the national Ministry of science and technology for polysaccharides of biomedical materials, international science and technology cooperation base, Shijiazhuang Tianquan breeding cows company 2 units have been identified as the provincial science and Technology Department of international science and technology cooperation base.
In 2014, the city had 3255 schools (including kindergartens) at various levels, with an increase of 26. Among them, 1302 kindergartens, an increase of 75; primary school 1378, representing a decrease of 40; 415 middle schools (including 218 junior middle schools, 66 senior middle schools, nine year 79 schools, 46 secondary schools completely, twelve year school 6), representing a decrease of 6; special education school 24, unchanged from 2013; the medium occupation school 136, an increase of 2; 5 colleges, and in 2013 was flat. 1622591 students, among them, 284682 children in the garden, 720565 pupils, 306998 junior high school students, 167183 senior high school students, 1302 students in special education, secondary occupation education of 141861 students, 47781 College students. There are 116868 teachers and 99708 full-time teachers. In 2014, there were 635 private education institutions (excluding kindergartens) in the whole city. Among them, 160 full-time schools, 147977 students, 475 private education and training institutions, the existing training of 130269 students. Formulated the "Shijiazhuang city" baiqianwan "teacher training to implement the views of Engineering (2014-2020)", plans to 2020, the city's first level teacher (people's educator) reached 50 to 100 people, second level teacher (Hebei grade teacher, subject teachers, teachers) reached 1000, third level (municipal discipline teacher, teacher the backbone of teachers) reached 10000 people. To carry out the selection of key teachers and subject teachers, in 2014, the city selected 980 backbone teachers and 321 subjects. By the end of 2014, there were 292 special teachers in the city, of whom 156 were employed, 135 retired, 1 retired, 447 provincial backbone teachers, 4050 municipal backbone teachers, 83 provincial teachers and 1227 municipal teachers. To expand high-quality educational resources, around the five plenary session of the nine party put forward "to let the children to a good school, City Board of education in 2014 identified as" high quality education resources to enhance the expansion of crucial year, to primary research, discussion, expert guidance mode, promote the quality of expansion of several case studies the educational resources, and sent to Suzhou City, Hangzhou City, Zhengzhou city and other places to learn from the quality education resources to enhance the expansion path and experience.Strengthen top-level design, plans to use 5 years, and comprehensively promote the construction of primary and secondary schools in modern schools, and gradually achieve full coverage of quality educational resources. To start the transformation of the basic school conditions for compulsory education weak schools, arrange funds of 468 million yuan, implement 1420 project schools, and start 312 civil projects. Implementation of the project promotion strategy, in 2014 the city's new, primary and secondary schools 24, an increase of 17058 degrees. 24 in the overall reconstruction project put into use, the completion of vocational education teaching training center building project; second city overall transformation project two student apartments and cafeteria projects, vocational education project of special school projects, comprehensive practical demonstration base construction project completed in the main project; vocational education, School of Information Technology Experimental High School Gymnasium project is the main construction, the overall relocation project started construction in 15. In Jingxing, a county Xingtang in commissioning, promise a project started construction in middle school. To promote the group of schools, urban area to take different forms to establish educational group 19, county (city) established education group or combination of 40, built in the second city education group, 28 education group, Changan District group, art education in primary and secondary schools in calligraphy education experimental school group, Qiaoxi District 1+N model and a number of influential education group. In May 2014, Pingshan County second middle school and school respectively Wen held a ceremony, Shijiazhuang Foreign Language Education Group officially joined. With the adjustment of administrative divisions of Shijiazhuang City, to speed up the 3 new city transformation from rural education to develop city education, "on promoting the development of new and old city and county education integration plan", to promote the balanced development of regional education. Properly solve the problem of age allowance for private substitute teachers. In 2012, the city started the rural primary substitute teachers' age allowance work, and identified 71033 rural primary substitute teachers in three batches. In the course of implementation, some of them were not included in the scope of accreditation, and those who participated in the pension insurance for enterprise employees had objections to the conditions of accreditation.In June 9th, the Education Department of Hebei Province, the Provincial Department of finance, human resources and social security department jointly issued the "Supplementary Notice issued on further improving the work seniority subsidies for rural primary teachers" private (Hebei teaches 2014 No. 36), agreed to "meet the teaching conditions but has issued subsidies for enterprise employees the primary endowment insurance of private substitute teachers" into the scope of subsidies seniority. To promote the wisdom of classroom building, 35 primary and secondary schools in Changan District, Yuhua District, Qiaoxi District, Xinhua District, high tech Zone, Gaocheng District, Luquan District, Zanhuang County 310 classes to carry out the wisdom of classroom pilot, the use of information technology to improve the efficiency of the classroom. Held the first "wisdom classroom innovative teaching model" seminar, explore the start-up wisdom classroom pilot, universal wisdom classroom project, carry out the wisdom of classroom teaching, refining wisdom classroom results and other modes. 2014 annuity Liulin foreign language school, Luquan District South copper smelting primary school took the lead in introducing the intelligent classroom teaching assistant system. In November 2014, Shijiazhuang hosted the Fourteenth National Seminar cum school library workers school library building to observe the scene in the city in 24 held, from all over the country on behalf of the more than 1000 participants, 18 city, Dongfeng Road Primary School on behalf of the Shijiazhuang municipal good show elegant campus, modernization of the library construction, library open management of construction achievements. Promote the construction of education platform, the Municipal Education Bureau and the Shijiazhuang daily jointly set up "education time and space" column, to interpret educational policy and respond to social concerns, and publish the 22 phase of information. The 18 edition of Shijiazhuang education was published, and the Excellent Periodicals of the city were evaluated for 3 consecutive years. Compilation and publication of the Shijiazhuang yearbook of Education 2 volumes. Shijiazhuang education man network revision operation, annual visits amounted to more than 650 million passengers. By the end of 2014, the city had 17 county level adult education schools (county-level vocational education centers), 220 Township adult education schools and 600 thousand people enrolled in short-term training and education.
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