Urban construction
Time:2010-08-13 14:19:37

City continue to improve. At the end of the 41 city parks, the park area of 1112 hectares; green garden city greening area of 8862 hectares, covering an area of 9762 hectares, respectively 635 hectares and 842 hectares; the per capita public green area of 14.4 square meters, 2.9 square meters more than the previous year.
Remarkable results were achieved in urban construction. At the end of the year, the total length of urban roads was 1475.2 km, the road area was 41 million 468 thousand square meters, and the length of drainage pipes was 2074 km. Our city has 9 water plants, the daily water capacity of 676 thousand cubic meters, the annual water supply of 276 million cubic meters.
At the end of the operation of city bus lines up to 225, a year-on-year increase of 16; the operating line length of 3719 km, 358 km increase over the previous year; the operation of 4057 vehicles, an increase of 180; annual passenger volume of 638 million 360 thousand passengers.
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