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The city of Shijiazhuang has a long history. According to Yu Gong recorded, the Xia Yu period was Jizhou. The spring and Autumn period region has built a fresh Yu (this Zhengding Metro shop in the capital area), drum (now Jinzhou west capital in our country (in), fertilizer Nancheng Village West of the capital city Gaocheng area). During the Warring States period, the people of Henan Province established the Zhongshan state (the capital of Henan Province in the northern part of Pingshan County, the three lower Shandong area). Qin Shihuang Chinese unified, comprehensive system of prefectures and counties, Julu county (now Julu County Sheriff). Three of the Western Han Dynasty (204 BC), the only home of Mt. Hengshan county (county this Yuanshi County, northwest). At the beginning of the Han Emperor, because emperor Heng, so change the Mt. Hengshan County of Changshan county. Ten years of the Han Dynasty (196 BC), Qin county (the county changed Shidong yuan today in Shijiazhuang city east of the ancient city) to really set the county, and in emperoryuan Ding four years (113 BC) set (in this country really set the capital of the ancient East). The Three Kingdoms period, for Wei, respectively, Changshan County, Anping County, Zhao county, Julu County, Zhongshan. The Western Jin Dynasty after the reunification of Jizhou, respectively, Changshan county (Western Jin county from the northwest to the east of the ancient city, the Eastern Jin Dynasty County Yuanshi County from east to the ancient town of Zhongshan, this positive), Julu County, Zhao Bo Ling, china. In the Sui Dynasty, which belonged to the Mt. Hengshan county (later changed the constant state, county Zhending, this positive town), Zhao Jun (the county Jhihping spine, Zhaozhou town), letter county (now Jizhou county), Gaoyang County (now Dingzhou County). The Five Dynasties, Hebei is a German Jiedushi, domain has a state of the town (in this rule Zhengding town), Zhaozhou (in this rule Zhaozhou town), Dingzhou (now Dingzhou state), Qizhou (in this rule Wuji town). Song Dynasty, Hebei West Road (now Zhengding town). The Yuan Dynasty, is Zhongshusheng really set (this Zhengding LUGI Road Town), Baoding Road (now Baoding city Lugi), Guangping Road (now Yongnian County Lugi) etc.. The Ming Dynasty, is the capital of Zhengding house (this Zhengding government town) and Baoding county (now Qingyuan county government). In Qing Dynasty, Zhili Province government is really determined (this Zhengding Zhen Qing government, the first year of Yong Zheng, the Baoding government to correct Ding Fu) (now Qingyuan county government), Zhaozhou (in this rule Zhaozhou Dingzhou (town), the state government at the beginning of uniflorum, Yong Zheng twelve years instead of Dingzhou today). The first year of the Republic of China (1912), the Republic of China was founded, still along the Qing system. In 3 years (1914), the government set up a road. In 14 years (1925) in June 24th, the establishment of "Shijiazhuang city" Provisional Government of the Republic of China command of Zhili Province, the city, the autonomous system of the Republic of China in August 29th; in the interim ruling order 1273 approved stone (home) village, Hugh door with, take both the word, changed its name to the stone store, the formation of the Shimen municipal government to build. City. In 17 years (1928), the national order of Nanjing national government, the abolition of all municipal offices, the abolition of the original "city made". So far, the construction work was stranded. In 27 years (1938) January 15th, the establishment of the pseudo Shimen Municipal Commission for the preparation of the office. 28 years (1939) October 7th, the Provisional Administrative Committee of the provisional government of the Republic of China approved the establishment of the stone store by the 1027th letter of the secret word. In 36 years (1947), November 12th stone outlets liberation, in December 26th, the stone store was renamed Shijiazhuang city. In 37 years (1948) September 26th, Shijiazhuang changed to the leadership of the people's Government of North china. In 38 years (1949), in January 24th, Yangquan was placed under the jurisdiction of Shijiazhuang (the same year in August was placed under the Shanxi province); in August 1st, Shijiazhuang City, under the leadership of the people's Government of Hebei Province, as the provincial city. In 1949, the Shijiazhuang area was first established, with 14 counties and 1 towns. In April 28, 1958, the city of Shijiazhuang was changed from a provincial city to a special one. In May 3, 1960, the State Council approved the cancellation of the Shijiazhuang area instead of Shijiazhuang. In May 1961, the State Council approved the restoration of the Shijiazhuang Prefecture system. Shijiazhuang prefecture has jurisdiction over Shijiazhuang city and 25 counties. In June 1962, the State Council approved the establishment of Hengshui Prefecture, Shijiazhuang Prefecture, jurisdiction, Hengshui and other 8 counties under the jurisdiction of Hengshui, Shijiazhuang district since then jurisdiction over Shijiazhuang and 17 counties. In November 21, 1967, the Revolutionary Committee of the Shijiazhuang region was established and renamed the area. In December 20, 1967, the Revolutionary Committee of Shijiazhuang was founded. In January 29, 1968, the capital of Hebei was moved to Shijiazhuang. In March 11, 1978, Shijiazhuang was designated as the municipality directly under the central government of Hebei province. In July 1978, the Revolutionary Committee of the Shijiazhuang region was withdrawn and the administrative office of the Shijiazhuang District of Hebei province was set up. In August 12, 1982, the Revolutionary Committee of Shijiazhuang was revoked and the people's Government of Shijiazhuang was restored. In June 30, 1993, the administrative office of the Shijiazhuang district was merged with the Shijiazhuang Municipal People's government to form a new Shijiazhuang Municipal People's government.
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