Physical geography
Time:2010-08-13 11:31:56
Shijiazhuang city is located in the middle and south part of Hebei Province, around the Bohai Bay Economic zone. East and Hengshui border, South and Xingtai adjacent, West and Shanxi neighbors, North and Baoding border, 273 kilometers away from the capital Beijing. North and south to the longest 148 km, east-west width of 175 km, the surrounding area of 760 km long. The total area of the area is 15848 square kilometers, of which the urban area is 456 square kilometers.
There are two geomorphic units in Shijiazhuang, Taihang Mountains and North China plain. The west is located in Taihang mountain area, accounting for about 50% of the total area, east of the Hutuo River alluvial plain. The terrain is high in the West and low in the East, and the Taihang Mountains in the West are about 1000 meters above sea level. The landforms are arranged from west to East, namely, Zhongshan, low mountains, hills, basins and plains. Pingshan County is located in the highest peaks Tuoliang 2281 meters above sea level, Hebei province is the fifth highest peak, is the commanding height of Shijiazhuang. The eastern plains are generally 30 - 100 meters above sea level, of which the North Village of Xinji, 28 meters above sea level, is the lowest point in the area.
Abundant resources. The city has proven reserves of 50 kinds of mineral deposits and the reserves of 17 kinds, mineral and 58. High quality mineral resources include coal, petroleum, natural gas, limestone, dolomite, quartz sand, muscovite and so on more than 20 species. Iron, manganese, chromium, vanadium, titanium, copper, lead and zinc are mainly distributed in the counties (cities) and districts of the Taihang Mountains on the foot of Shandong. Geothermal resources have been found 18, the total hot water flow of 1. 390 thousand cubic meters per day, the underground hot water in Pingshan County Wentang is a natural outcrop, the water temperature of 68 DEG C, good water quality, rich in high medical value of radon element.
The city has identified more than 2500 kinds of plant resources, of which more than 230 kinds of medicinal plant resources. Abundant agricultural resources, 590 thousand hectares of arable land, the main crops are corn, wheat, cotton, high quality pear, jujube, walnut, varieties, planting area, Hebei province grain and cotton producing areas, has become one of the China North Green Agricultural base.
The city's rapid development of forestry has a forest area of 5 million 60 thousand acres, of which 2 million 370 thousand acres of ecological protection forest, fruit forest 2 million 490 thousand acres, 200 thousand acres of timber, the forest coverage rate reached 21.8%, the forestry industry amounted to 4 billion 600 million yuan, at present there are 3 million acres of barren hills and wasteland. The mountain mountain resources in the west is vast, suitable for the development of ecological forest and economic forest fruit, Hutuo River and Shahe River in five, sandy land is rich in resources, suitable for the development of windbreak, fast-growing timber forest and economic forest.
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