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Xiongan development will not be 'kidnapped' by property developers
Time:2017-06-09 15:13:03
China is seeking a new path for urban development through Xiongan New Area, a policy advisor said Tuesday, stressing that development of the new economic zone will not be "kidnapped" by property developers.
Xu Kuangdi, director of a council of experts for coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei (Jing-Jin-Ji) region, made the remarks at a forum on urban development Tuesday in Beijing.
China announced plans to establish Xiongan New Area in April as part of measures to integrate Jing-Jin-Ji development and cure "urban ills" such as traffic congestion and air pollution in the capital.
The move has since driven a speculation frenzy in the property market in the area, which prompted policymakers to put in place strict controls on real estate development in Xiongan New Area.
Xu said the construction of the new area should focus on a more efficient transport network, environmental protection, urban and rural integration and innovative urban planning.
Xiongan should be a livable, modern city, with green spaces taking up more than half of the area, according to Xu.
The economic zone should also be a region led by innovation-driven development and a demonstration area for new urbanization in China, he said.
Located some 100 km southwest of downtown Beijing, Xiongan New Area will mainly cover the three existing counties of Xiongxian, Rongcheng and Anxin in Hebei province.