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Shijiazhuang University of Economics


The Shijiazhuang University of Economics is an academic joint, where economics is seen to reasonably fit into management of the territorial resources, and where scholars, technologists and administrators share the common interests in research on population, economics and resources and in continuable development as well as in environment protection and ecological balance.



        1953  Foundation, Named Xuanhua Geological Polytechnic

                  Located in Xuanhua, NW Hebei Province, under subjection of Ministry of Geology

        1971  Converted into Hebei College of Geology

        1985  Started to establish a new campus in Shijiazhuang City, the Capital City of Hebei Province

        1991  Completed to move the whole school into the new campus in Shijiazhuang successfully

        1996  Renamed as Shijiazhuang University of Economics

                        Under subjection of Ministry of Land and Resources (former Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources)

        2000  Changed the subjection relation from the Ministry of Land and Resources to Hebei Province


 Facts and Figures

             Students: 21200 (10000 students live on the main campus)

  Staff: 1420

  Teaching staff: 828

  Professor and Associate Professor: 416

  Faculty/School/Department: 21

  Research Institute: 4

  Provincial Level Key Laboratory: 1

  Provincial Level Key Subject: 1

          Library: 1,300,000 books (including 4800 electronic books), 2000 sorts of Chinese and Foreign Journals and Magazines, More than 30000    Professional      Materials and Data

 Laboratory: 50(including 15 computer lobs. with c.3000 computers)

 Multiple Medium Classroom: 49 (with 2930 seats)

 Language Lab.: 4 (with 144 seats)

 Practicum Base: 16

 Natural Museum: 1 (with 30,000 samples and fossils)


University Journals: 2 (Journal of Shijiazhuang University of Economics, Journal of Geo-technique and Economical Management)





School of Economics and Trade

 School of Public Management

  School of Finance and Accounting

  School of Business

  School of Management Science and Engineering

  School of Law

  School of Humanities and Social Science

  School of Foreign Languages

  School of Information Engineering

  School of Investigation Technique

  School of Natural Resources

  School of Civil Engineering

  School of Gemology and Material Technique

  School of Mathematics and Science

   School of International Exchange

  School of Professional Education

  School of Adult Education

  Huaxin College

  Department of Physical Education

  Center of Modern Education Technique

  Training Center


  Degree/Diploma/Certificate and Programmes


   Master Degrees (Three Fields)

  Master of Economics

   in  Resources and Environment Economics

   in Research on Continuable Development Issues

   in Population, Economics and Development

  Master of Engineering

   in Mechanics of Deep Mineralization and Exploration

   in Analysis on Petroleum and Gas Basin and Exploration

   in Resource Environment Information Survey


  Master of Management

   in Enterprise Group Management and Corporation Handling

   in Enterprise Resolving and Tech-economics

   in Marketing Management

   in Human Resource Management

   in Financial Management


  Bachelor Degrees & Programmes(34)

  BA in Economics

  BA in International Economics & Trade

  BA in Finance

  BA in Statistics


  BA in Law

  BA in Advertising

  BA/BSc in Business Administration

  BA/BSc in Marketing

   BA in Human Resource Management

  BSc in Information Management and Information System

  BA in Civil Engineering Management


  BA in Public Administration

  BA in Labour and Social Security

  BA in Land Resources Management

  BSc in Geographical Information System

  BSc in Investigation Technique and Engineering

  BSc in Resources Investigation and Engineering

  BSc in Civil Engineering

  BSc in Environment Engineering

  BSc in Hydrology and Water Resource Engineering

  BSc in Topographic Engineering

  BSc in Gemmology and Material Technics


  BSc in Applied Mathematics


  BSc in Electronic Information Engineering

  BSc in Communication Engineering

  BSc in Computer Science and Technology

  BSc in Network Engineering

  BA in Accounting

  BA in Financial Management


  BA in Tourism Management

  BA/BSc in Electronic Business

  BA in Logistics Management


  BA in English

  BA in French


Diploma Programmes (25)

  International Business and Finance

  Finance and Securities


  Secretary Related to Foreign Affairs and Public Relations

  Electronic Business

  Computer and its Application

  Network Technology and Information Handling

  Applied Electronic Technology

  Tourism Management

  Electronic Accounting

  Computer Application and Maintaining

  Financial Accounting

  Gem Identification and Marketing

  Construction Engineering

  Construction Costing and Management

   Upholstering Design


  Applied Law

  Construction and Management

  Industry and Civil Construction

  Construction Decorating Design and Engineering

  Pharmacy engineering


  Certificate Programme

  Chinese study for Foreigners


  International Cooperation and Exchange


Shijiazhuang University of Economics has established collaborative relationship with more than 20 overseas universities or institutions from Russia, USA, Canada, Western and Northern European Countries, and some Asia Countries. The cooperative programmes cover below fields:

   Joint research on geosciences, economics and management

   Joint education for student exchange and training

         Joint education on exchange of course planning, teaching materials and teaching technique

   Staff exchange, administrative and academic mutual visit

   Exchange of academic research results and publications

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