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Hebei University of Science & Technology


Hebei University of Science & Technology is one of the key universities in Hebei province. The university covers an area of 640,000 square meters, with the building area of 470,000 square meters. The total fixed assets amount to 380 million yuan, including 98 million yuan worth of teaching and researching equipment. The library has a collection of nearly 1,300,000 volumes and 2221 kinds of journals both in Chinese and English. It has various databases such as Academic Journals in Chinese, Scientific Journals in foreign languages, scientific research achievements, enterprise products and digital books, etc. The exit width of the campus network, established in 1997, has reached 100M.

At present the university is composed of 16 colleges and 52 undergraduate specialties. Environmental Engineering and Chemical Technology are the key subjects of Hebei province. The Pollution Controlling Biological Technology Laboratory and the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Engineering Research Center are the key provincial laboratories. Nine subjects have been authorized to grant master's degrees. They are Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, Chemical Technology, Management Science and Engineering, Applied Computer Technology, Food Science, Ferment Engineering, and Textile Chemistry and Dying Engineering. The specialties consist of six categories: Engineering, Science, Liberal Arts, Economy, Management and Law, which have nearly covered all the traditionally superior industries and high and new tech industries of Hebei province.

There are totally 2603 faculty members. Among 1530 teaching and researching faculties,127 have professor's title; 502 have associate professor's; 14 people are the doctoral tutors or the associate doctoral tutors; 98 people are the master's tutors; more than 100 teachers have doctor's degrees; 109 people have ever been granted the national special allowance or granted the title of Outstanding Young and Mid aged experts. At present 19,500 undergraduates, graduates and overseas students and about 12,000 adult students are pursuing their degrees. Approximately 40,000 qualified students have already graduated from the university since its establishment.

The university always aims at cultivating high qualified and innovative talents, who can keep abreast of economic construction, scientific progress and social needs of Hebei province. The university is striving to push forward teaching reforms in various ways, such as carrying out credit system and tutoring system, training students in the basis of specialties, accelerating the adjustment of subjects, strengthening the dynamics of encouraging outstanding students, etc. to cultivate versatile and practical talents. At the same time, the university always puts the cultivation of all-round quality and comprehensive ability in the first place, heightens the ideological work of the students and party construction to make the students have a all-round development in moral integrity, intellectual power, physical training and aesthetic judgment. The graduates from the university are popular in society by their solid basic skills, wide range of knowledge and outstanding adaptability. In 2001, the rate of employment reached 72%, which was still among the top three of all the provincial universities in job assignment on gradation, and thus was evaluated as one of the advanced units in employment by the State Personnel Department and the State Education Ministry

Hebei University of Science & Technology attaches great importance to scientific research. It has developed its own style in organizing multi-disciplinary cooperation and in combining scientific research with local economic construction. Since the ninth Five-Year Plan, the university has developed over 100 stable research direction in succession, and made fruitful efforts in some of the key fields of Hebei province, such as electronic information engineering, mechanical and electrical integration, new materials, biology engineering, new medicine, environmental protection, etc. The university has undertaken 9 State 863 Plan programs, 7 State Foundation for natural sciences, 1 state key problem-tackling program and some important horizontal programs. 60 achievements have been appraised as in the internationally advanced level. 44 programs have been awarded the prizes for science and technology progress. The university centers in strengthening teaching reforms, pays equal attention to teaching and research, and pushes on quality education in an all-round way to do its bit to build Hebei into a strong and modern province. In recent years, the university has made considerable headway in school-running scale, structure, quality, achievements, etc. On November 14, 2000, Lilanqing, member of the standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party and vice -prime Minister of the State Council, inspected the university and fully affirmed our achievements in teaching and research. He pointed out, " Hebei University of Science & Technology has chosen a proper position in serving local economy construction, and has developed its own style. The university has a bright future."
The international exchange of the university is becoming more and more active. It has established cooperative relationships with various universities and institutions in America, the UK, Japan, Britain, Canada, Germany and Australia, New Zealand etc. It enrolls overseas students every year, and invites foreign experts, scholars and teachers to teach English and give lectures all the year round. At the same time, the university takes vigorous measures to send outstanding teachers to study abroad.

In December 2000, The Developing Plan of Hebei University of Science & Technology from 2001-2010 was ratified and began to be implemented. According to the plan, up to 2010, the number of the students will reach 35,000; five majors will be authorized to grant doctor's degrees and 30 majors to grant master's degrees, and the university will become one of the best local colleges of engineering in overall strength all over the country.

Right now, all the stuff members and students of Hebei University of Science & Technology are working enthusiastically in order to contribute more to the strategy of vitalizing Hebei by science and education.

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