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Expenses for Self-financed International Students in China (Revised in 1997


Self-financed international students may pay in either RMB or foreign currency according to the standards established. When they pay in foreign currency, the payment is calculated by the exchange rate announced by the Bank of China on that day. Details are as follows (in RMB yuan/person):


1. Registration fees (including the admission examination fees): 400-800;


2. Tuition fees:

1) Majors in Liberal Arts:

Undergraduates: 14,000-26,000 per academic year

Master’s Degree Students: 18,000-30,000 per academic year

Doctoral Degree Students: 22,000-34,000 per academic year

Short-term Students: 3,000-4,800 for about one month’s study, 8,000-10,000 for about three months’ study

2-year College Students and Visiting Scholars’ tuition fees are similar to the Undergraduates’; Senior Visiting Scholars’ tuition fees are similar to Master’s Degree Students’; Research Scholars’ tuition fees are similar to the Doctoral Degree Students’.

2) Majors in Sciences and Engineering:

Tuition fees are 10-30% higher than Liberal Arts majors’.

3) Majors in Medicine, Physical Education and Fine Arts

Medical, Arts and Physical Education majors’ tuition fees are 50-100% higher than Liberal Arts majors’.


3. Accommodation fees:

A bed in double-bed room without bathroom, telephone and television set costs RMB 12-32 yuan per day. Students shall pay for two beds when she/he occupies the whole room. The accommodation fees may be increased properly to no more than 2.5 times of the above-mentioned standards if the facilities are improved.


4. Other expenses:

Costs of food, medical treatment within educational institutions, teaching materials, and cost of experiments, internships, field studies, etc. that are not covered in study syllabus shall be born by the students.

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