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>> Mayor's Office
First Deputy Mayor: Shui Yong



My Duty

Shui is in charge of executive work of the municipal government.

He is responsible for development and reform (price, food), administrative examination and approval, inance and taxation, human resources and social security, statistics, legality, finance,  major projects,  government affairs transparent, Disabled Persons' Federation arbitration, etc.

He is in charge of General Office of the People's Government of Shijiazhuang Municipality, Shijiazhuang Development and Reform Commission(Shijizhuang Price Bureau, Shijizhuang Food Bureau),  Shijiazhuang  Examination and Approval Bureau( Government Affairs Service Center, Supervision and Administration Office for public resources trading ), Shijiazhuang Finance Bureau, Shijiazhuang state administration of taxation, Shijiazhuang Local Taxation Bureau, Shijiazhuang Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the Office of Shijiazhuang Institutional Organization Commission, Shijiazhuang Statistics Bureau, Shijiazhuang Investigation Team of State Statistics Bureau, the Office of Shijiazhuang  finance work, the Office of Shijiazhuang service industry development, News office of Shijiazhuang government, Government affairs transparent of Shijiazhuang, Shijiazhuang disabled person's federation, Shijiazhuang Arbitration Commission, Shijiazhuang Administration School,  Shijiazhuang Circular Chemical Industry Park.

He assists the mayor of the work of supervision and auditing.

He is coordinating the work of Integrated Free Trade Zone.

He is in work contact with Shijiazhuang Standing Committee of the NPC.

He is in work contact with China Democratic League in Shijiazhuang, China Democratic National Construction Association in Shijiazhuang.


Mayor's Office
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