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Minxin River


Shijiazhuang’s water resource is very indigent and the volume per capita is only one fifteenth of the state average standard.

Due to the lack of surface water resource, Shijiazhuang has to explore ground water to supply to the citizens. As a result, the funneled area of ground water becomes bigger and bigger. Moreover, the lack of water resource leads to the bad environment, which affects the economic development of the city. Hence, Minxin River project was started up in order to improve the city’s environment, develop economy and improve people’s living level.

During Minxin River Project Demonstrate,Leaders Inspect

Minxin River Project Demonstrate Meeting(1)

Minxin River  Project Demonstrate Meeting(2)

Minxin River Project Demonstrate Meeting(3)

On 29th Septemper, 1997, Minxin River project broke earth formally. And from then on, Minxin River began to extend in the flourishing land of Shijiazhuang and everyone’s heart bearing the public opinion, the good will of the Party and the people, and the citizens’ human spirit.

Minxin River Broke

Minxin River project is the largest man-made ecological project in the construction history of Shijiazhuang. And at the same time, it is an important part of the system project of settling water resource crisis and environmental pollution, and also an important symbol of that the urban construction shifts gradually to environmental protection, city’s beautification and ecological culture establishment.

Minxin River project is immense, scientific and precise. Minxin River administrative committee demonstrated and investigated strictly in every construction phase and won a lot of first places unprecedentedly in the management, quality and rapidity with the science, wisdom and sweats on tens of kilometers construction building site.

Minxin River project brought the strongest echo in history. In the past no backout project is carried through  more successfully than this one. Along the river, over 600 factories and markets, 12 million square kilometers residential area was removed with no quarrel. The personages of various circles in Shijiajuang donated for the project with unprecedented passion and they donated 70.05 million from eighty-old men to children before school age, and from employees and officers to students. The Party and people, and government and citizens cooperated perfectly.

On 29th September 1999, just before the last national day of twenty century, Minxin River opened formally and entirely, satisfying people’s will. Green and clear water popples and goes around city, thus, the citizens’ dream of one century has come true.

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