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Major Commercial Port in North China

In its history, Shijiazhuang is a traffic center of “its roads lead to all over the country and it is the throat of Yan and Jin”, and a collection area of man、commodity and capital current of between south and north, an important hub and bridge for goods transport from south to north. In near years, commercial circulation take on mus ch prosperity and vigor. In 2001,the total retail amount of society consumer goods for the whole city adds up to 36.91 billion RMB ,and the volume of market business reachs 80.75 billion RMB , and the export of foreign trade is 0.704 billion dollar. So Shijiazhuang has gradually become a significant commercial port in all country and a commodity current center of north.

In the lately years, Shijiazhuang further strengthen the city's infrastructure construction, and has successively constructed a series of key engineerings, such as ‘five bridge and one circle’, Minxin River, aboretum and century park etc, and has gradually formed city path net with 3 across,6 vertical,2 circle,12 radiation,and city figure and traffic have make great progress. At the same time, Shijiazhuang also have railway transport system extending in all directions like JingGuang line, ShiTai line and ShiDe line etc, and  the opening of more than 20 airlines to home and aboard in Shijiazhuang airdrome and cross highway constructions make its traffic advantages more prominent. Moreover, Shijiazhuang have held national and regional commodity fair many times and accumus lated abundant experience, and service functions in fair are increasingly perfect.

This year, Shijiazhuang mus nicipal Party committee and government restart to orient to mostly development directions of city, and decide that constructing important commercial port in North China serve for one of four industry orientations which will be developed emphatically for the future.

Why to construct the great commercial port?

Shijiazhuang is located in North China Plain,and is Capital of Hebei province and political,economic,cultural and technologic center of overall province,and also is the national first opening city and city implementing coastal open policy.Now,she govern 6  districts,12 counties,5 county-level cities and 1 state-level high and new technology industrial development zone.Its whole area is 15.8 thousand sq.km,and the residing population is 8.898 million,including 1.95 million in urban district.In 2001,its gross domestic product reach 108.0 billion RMB .On the condition of new history, mus nicipal Party committee and government put forward development orientation to set up Shijiazhuang to become the important commercial port city,and has achieved the State Council’s approval .

Why to set up the great commercial port? We consider ,with the gradual improvement of market economy,trade and business circulation has changed greatly from bottom industry in planed economy system to top one now,moreover, more and more play a significant role to domestic economy and society development.Construction of important commercial port in North China is not only to adapt objective request for broad position and tendency of the world economy development,but also a necessary choice to implement fast developments of economy and society .firstly,the construction of important commercial port in North China is an essential content ,which propels strategic adjustment to economic structure,and contributes to optimize industry structure,advance quality and benefit of economic rise,and contribute to strengthen city function,improve investment environment.Our city is a city who pullulate in planed economy system,so its economy structure is irrational,and proportion of  the first,secondary industry is rather high,and proption of third industry doesn’t amount to 40% ,but in many developed countries and cities,  the proportion of third industry has accounted for 70%-80% of GDP. Thus, to quicken our city’s economy development ,we mus st energetically prompt the third industry,whose emphases is trade and business circulation industry,and incease its proportion in GDP.secondly,construction of important commercial port in North China is a necessary choice which contributes to realize the goal of enriching citizen and improving city’s power.In modern society ,promotive effect of business circulation industry to relative ones shouldn’t  be underestimated,and play a significant part in overall economy .It is quite significant to quicken the development of business circulation ,which expand domestic demand ,fuel economic growth, increase employment,improve people’s life,tap new financial resources and elevate comprehensive economic power of city.Therefore,the construction of great commercial port is an important action of realize strategic goal of enriching citizen and improve city’s power.Thirdly,the construction of great commercial port in North China is an imperative approach to spread influence and heighten popularity of our city.The construction of great commercial port not only bring radioactive and driving effect for all around zone and enlarge city’s force and popularity,but also can attract many production factor to get together and bring a great many commercial chance,thus,great commercial port also a window and medium of inviting investments from overseas and foreign intercourse.Fourthly,the construction of great commercial port is a necessary demand in order to adapt to challenges of WTO entry.Modern economy is commodity economy,knowledge economy,information economy, and market is a site  embodying comprehensively commodity,knowledge,information.That we catch hold of the market is equal to that we catch hold of the nose of ox,so  we will be easy to meet challenge and take the initiative in the drastic worldwide competition.

What are the conditions of constructing great commercial port?

It needs to consider its reality to do anything, especially history condition can’t been surpassed. If do we have the basic or not on constructing great commercial port of North China? Through sufficient discussion do we believe it is certain. At first, my city has excellent location ,convenient traffic and commus nication. Shijiazhuang is situated in hinterland of North China Plain, and close to Beijing and Tianjin in its north, and near to Bohai in its east, and south gate of  Capital. Shijiazhuang is an important countrywide hinge, and Shijiazhuang Station is one of three biggest organizing cargo station of the whole nation. Four national way and JingShi, ShiAn, ShiTai, ShiHuang  highway join there, and civil airdrome has opened more than 20 international and domestic services, moreover,  post and commus nication construction are also very advanced, including commus nication network is an important hinge in south zone of Beijing ,and its big mail processing is one of four biggest center in overall nation.

In the next place, Shijiazhuang has strong economy power. Since the introduction of the policy of reform and opening-up, Shijiazhuang mus nicipal Party committee and government lead all the citizen strive to enterprise, exploit and innovate, so that national economy maintains a continuous and fast development, and its average growth rate is more than 10% ,from early 1980’s to early new century, and comprehensive industry structure system possessing rational layout has formed, whose dominance is textile, medicine, chemical industry, mechanical and electrical industry, building materials. In 2001,the growth that enterprises of  certain scale have fulfilled reached 27.7 billion RMB  ,and profit and tax broke though 10.0 billion RMB  for the first time, so Shijiazhuang has become the fourteenth city among them, whose profit and tax have exceeded 10.0 billion RMB . Shijiazhuang has a lot of good productive conditions in agriculture, and is important main district of foodstuff’s and pily production ,and high production district of fresh, egg, vegetable and fruit .In 2001,the total output of foodstuff is 4.72 million ton, and the total output of vegetable, fresh, egg respectively reached 10.08 billion ton,0.90 million ton,0.83 million ton, therefore it has strong supply ability of commodity and stuff.The scaled ,intensive and productive level in agriculture is superior, and 20 dominant industries with county district characteristic and output exceeding hundred million have formed ,which are principal in green and high efficient agriculture, and the sale per year adds up to 13.0 billion RMB .

Thirdly ,business circulation has possessed certain scale. Shijiazhuang is an important commodity collecting and distributing center in north of China, and the wholesale and retail trade ,and the catering trade and service are relative developed, and net spot of commerce, the catering trade, service industry come to 165 thousand ,and people engaged in business amount to 515.6 thousand. The big retail marketplace whose business area exceeds 10 thousand square meters  hit 7 ,and big supermarket whose area is over 10 thousand sq.m. reach 12, and the big hotel and grogshop is 30, and the market whose volume of business exceeds 100 million RMB  is 52,besides 13 market is beyond 1 billion RMB , and Xinhua open market, Nansantiao small commodity market have ranked 10 biggest open market of the whole nation, whose commodity reach every corner of nation, and they are important collecting and distributing area of dress, small commodity , and their volume of business is 16.9 billion RMB  per year.
In 2001,the total retail volume of social consumer goods adds up to 36.91 billion RMB .

Fourthly, there are abundant experience in launching trade and business activities. In the last years, Shijiazhuang strengthen foreign intercourse, and has succeeded in holding the national candy and wine fair, the economy and trade fair of Hebei province, the Wuqiao international acrobatics festival ,the old commodity deal fair of nation ,the national suit exhibition etc for several times ,so as to accumus late rich experience for development of enlarging foreign intercourse and speeding up business circulation.

How to construct the great commercial port

Construction of great commercial port in North China ,that is to say ,to construct Shijiazhuang to a trade central city facing the North China, which has advanced infrastructure, abundant commodity kinds, outstanding management characteristic, perfect service function, good business environment, strong radiant capability and combines commodity collecting and distributing ,purchase and consumer, regional current, trade and exhibition , commerce and tour ,and information spread in one .We think , layout is premise and base of construction. We should start from practice and make good layout and workout of  commercial port in high standard and quality.Firstly ,we should seek truth from facts, and  be positive and feasible. We not only take into account our city’s  district advantage, resource advantage, industry advantage, traditional management advantage, market colony advantage and demand of modern circulation development ,but also seek exactly our weak points in market construction, management circumstance and concept etc, and strive to layout more comply with the facts and more feasible.Secondly, we should have high starting point and high standard .when designing though ,goal and step ,we consider  not only facing the North China, but also facing “three North”, facing the whole nation ,and furthermore facing the world. The scale of business circulation , infrastructure, market environment, commerce credit ought to compete for the first in whole province, and  compete for advance in whole nation.Thirdly ,we should guarantee the science of layout. At first the guidance ideology should be definite. We should persist in taking Dengxiaoping theory and the important ideology of ‘three represent theory’ as our guidance, and positively suit the demand of developing the socialist market economy and integration with the global economy,and deepen reform of business and enterprise , keep market system healthy, perfect modern circulation system, enlarge circulation scale ,improve management environment, consolidate service function, and build great commercial port system ,which has rational industry layout ,complete service function, united and open market, reasonable and orderly competition .In the next place, the goal need science, which is not only  encouraging ,but feasible. In addition, concept ought to be clear. We should combine construction of various kinds of marketplace, special wholesale market , store and carrying enterprise , process enterprise  and  reconstruction in one, and combine nucleus shopping center, second class business center and  service net point in commus nity  in  one ,and combine detailed layout during ‘the tenth five’ and distant goal in 2010 in one, so as to step by step in construction of commercial port.

What is the new commercial port

It is a systems engineering of fargoing, content abundant and far-sighted to construct North China into importance commercial port. It includes many fields and disciplines such as city construct, industry arrangement, structure adjust, transport, commus nication, finance and information. Withal, we will organize strength of all aspects to form a development compendium with codes and to confirm the status of importance commercial port of North China on the basic of investigate, consultation and demonstrate during 4-6 months.With 8-10 years of effort, we will have set up following six of center: Gather the shopping and consuming, leisure and amus sement, making sight-seeing trip tour, finance and telecommus nication, business and governmental affairs etc. is integral whole, the merchandise exhibition bargain center of shopping, consumption, the culture travel and business activity that there are importance influence in North China.Taking modern times circulate organize form as main, territorial substance circulation center that coexist with many forms such as professional market, wholesale corporation combine, supermarket, catenation manage and substance circulation send.The bases of the profession merchandise producing and processing and trade center such as agricultural product, commodity, leather, building materials, flower and livestock product that facing to the whole nation even to the international market that have local features and radiation ability. Modern times business information spread center that combining visible market with invisible market and the extensive application of information technique with the support of modern information technique. Modern times business culture center with support of trustworthiness serve, civilized trade, talented person educate that there is big influence in the whole nation. The external center of trade that taking merchandise exhibit, negotiation, ordering goods as main that connecting Local with international market.

By construction, the commercial port has the following four characteristics: firstly, the opeation scale is large, the ability of radiation is strong. Only if it has scale, it has the ability of radiation and influence power. Some specific market should follow the market regular. Secondly, the layout of market is reasonable, the operation feature stand out. It should cultivate some synthetic, speciality, production area type  collectior and distributor type, etc, different types of market, and try to build the famous-brand market. Thirdly, the market environment is good, the business credit is high. It should regulate the order of market economy, encourage the honest and faithful commercial ethics, create the good opeartion environment for businessmen, make they would like to come into our city to trade and carve out. Fourthly, the efficency of circulation is high, the cost of bargin is low. It  can offer the full-flow, allround, high-level, high-quality service and make our city to become the commercial central city where the price of merchandise is the most reasonable, the quality is the most reliable, the trade is the most convinent, the operation is the most standard, the service is the most perfect.

By such effort, we can improve the convergency and the radiant power of the commodity currency, make the total amount of social consumables retailed increase at 11%-13% and the market turnover increase at 8% or so every year, that is, the totals are respective beyond 100 billion RMB  and 160 billion RMB  in 2010. The speed is higher than whole nation averagely increasing speed and leading the development among the main cities. The pillar position of business is consolidated further in the whole mus nicipal national economy and the growth of business attain 45 billion or so, that is, it is 38% of the whole growth of the third industry over all the county; the business employee attain one million and are above 80% of the social new labour force; the income of public finance is 5 billion or so, that is, it is above 30% of the whole income of mus nicipal public finance; the leading position in some aspects such as the national total value , employment and public finance  will continue to be retained in all industries of the national economy.

commercial economy summery of Shijiazhuang

In 2001 the mus nicipal commercial system earnestly implemented the strategy deploy of enlarging domestic demand and promoting the economic growth, followed the overall request of economic growth, strengthen to exploit market, deepened commercial reform, quickened infrastructure construction, intensified the management of goods movement, propel the commercial economy to keep the quick and healthy development, realized the good outset of commercial economy in the period of “the tenth five years”.

1、The circulation scale of the merchantable product becomes more and more large. In 2001 according to characteristics of market operation commercial industry of circulation adjusted marketing strategy, extended the field of consume, keep prosperous and quick development. The retail amount of social consumption goods is 369.1 hundred million RMB  that is increased by 11.6% that is more 2.5% than gdp of the whole city, the amplitude is respectively more 1.4% and 1.5% than that of our province and our country. The amplitude is placed 13th of 35 major cities. The bargaining amount of goods market amounted to 807.5 hundred million RMB  that is increased by 5.4%. The total amount of markets is 641. The markets whose bargaining amount is over one hundred million RMB  amounted to 52. among them Nansantiao market and Xinhua market respectively accomplished 169 hundred million RMB  and 147 hundred million RMB , continuously keep the leading position all over the country.

2、The reform of commercial enterprises is more deepened. In 2001 it is emphasized on the reform of prosperity right system and quicken the speed of transferring system, the fluid recombination of assets and adjustment of structure made the remarkable effect. The scale and operating strength of a number of big commercial enterprises and groups is more intensified, such as: Beiren Group, Zhenji Group, and so on. The sales amount is 15 hundred million RMB , east shopping center realized the profit of 38160000 RMB , the numbers were all placed the first in Hebei province and placed top of the same industry. The sales amount of six big enterprises and groups: Beiren, New Yanchun, and so on, account for 58% of the downtown total sales amount. These enterprises became the important support force of commercial economic growth. The small and middle enterprises also quickened the step of transferring system. The mus nicipal commercial enterprises that executed stock system or stock cooperation system amounted to 84. They formed the pattern that all kinds of sectors of the economy promoted and participated one another. Of the total retail amount of consumption goods, the sales amount of national economy account for 17.8%, that of collective economy account for 11.9%, that of stock systematic economy account for 11.9%, that of individual economy account and other economic form for 59.3%

3、The mode of modern circulation continues to quickly develop. In 2001 the whole city newly increased 30 chain shops and established 2 big large supermarkets and some well-known enterprises set up branch business in Handan, Langfang, Qinghuangdao, and so on, enter the new phase of operating famous brand and cross-domain development. Through recombination the amount of chain company amounted to 17, that of chain shop reached 420, that of specialty stores are close to one hundred, all kinds of supermarkets amounted to 40 and among them the large supermarket the area of which is over 10000 square meters  is 12. The chain operation of whole city realized 17 hundred million RMB  that was increased by 30% and accounted for 11% of the downtown retail amount of consumption goods. At the same time the agency of goods, delivery of material and credit consumption all made new progress. The left amount of credit loan on houses, cars and endure consumption goods amounted to 53 hundred million RMB  that was increased 21 hundred million RMB . The delivery amount of material reached 12 hundred million RMB  that was increased by 11.25% than last year.

4、The commercial infrastructure construction made new progress. In 2001 the commercial industry invested hundred million RMB  on the commercial equipment and market construction, increased the 410000 square meters  area of structure of commercial equipment and 480000 square meters  operating area of products market. Some of major construction projects, such as: RMB chun garden hotel, the branch shop of Century Luxy, Ximei general merchandise, the people marketplace of extend engineering, have accomplished and started business. As some large wholesale markets were upgraded and some construction project were accomplished and stared business inside these markets, the scale and grade were remarkably enhanced. The construction of circulation in the counties made an important step. The amount of the newly built and extended markets is 117. Some specialty market, such as: wood market of Zhengding, leather market of Xinji, stone market of Lingshou, agricultural material market of Gaoyi, all were optimized and upgraded.

Leadertte: the development planning of important commercial port of Shijiazhuang in north China was relegated to the economic research place of the national planning committee to work out. Lately the specialties of the national planning committee came to Shijiazhuang to review. The following is the speech of Zangshengye in the symposium of the planning workout of north China important commercial port.

Comrade Zangshengye' speech at the work symposium of North China important commercial ports development programming establishment (summary)
(It is cleared up according to the records on the 26 of June in 2002)

1、why did we draw up Shijiazhang's programming of developing north China's important commercial ports? 

It is also according to three primary aspects for us to make the programming of North China’ important commercial ports. The first, when State Department approved the city development fixed position of Shijiazhang in last October, they spoke three words: the capital of Hebei province, the base of national medicine production, and an important commercial port in North China. It is matter-of-course that Shijiazhang is the capital of Hebei province. The capital of Hebei province moved several times because of the historical reasons. Locating the capital in Shijiazhang isn't recorded in the files. And I think, from now on, the site of the provincial capital can't change after it is defined by State Department this time, if there is no special reason.The second words is that Shijiazhuang is one of the bases of national medicine production: The proportion of Shijiazhang’s medical industry is relatively big, There are seven cities whose scale of medicine production is big, but there are two cities whose scale is truly big: one is shanghai, the other is Shijiazhang .If Shanghai adds the production of medicine apparatus, its scale is bigger than Shijiazhuangs’. If we only compare the scale of medicine production, its scale is smaller than Shijiazhuangs’, and this is verified by the national relevant authority data. In this February and March, the Economic Daily specially went to Shijiazhuang and Shanghai to investigate the medicine capital’s programming and establishment of Shijiazhang. And they compared the medicine industry of Shijiazhuang with that of shanghai. The final conclusion is that the Shijiazhuang’s scale of medicine production is bigger than that of Shanghai. The third words is an important commercial port in North China. We drew up this programming is also according to the document of cities fixed position authorized by State Department. State Department also done a large quantity of inquisition and research before the document is authorized. This is the first aspect why we make the programming.

Secondly, we felt by ourselves that the commerce and circulation industry of Shijiazhuang also really came to a considerable scale. We can see 3 numbers. The first is the proportion of increase of service industry accounts for more than 42% of the GDP of the whole city. Recently, information issued by National Programming Committee presented four countrywide big cities of service: Shanghai, Beijing, Shijiazhuang and Changsha. The proportion of service is very big in GDP for the four cities. The second is that the market trading volume of Shijiazhuang broke through 80,000,000,000 RMB  last year. Including the cities that are directly under the jurisdiction of state, there are no more than 10 cities whose market trading volumes exceed that of Shijiazhuang all over the country. The third is that the total retail amount of social consumer goods of Shijiazhuang reached 369100,000,00 last year. I feel by myself that there are no more than 10 cities with this number in provincial capital all over the country, and there is no official number. This shows the commerce, circulation and service trade of Shijiazhuang reached a certain scale. We aren't armchair strategists engaging in idle theorizing in studying the construction of commercial ports, while based on a certain foundation.  Lately, the established planning of the medical capital of Shijiazhuang has been reasoned under the charge of National planning Committee, and more than 50 experts of national class participated the reasoning meeting.
Recently, the city government will formally release the planning and bring it into effect. At the present time, the commerce, circulation and service trade of Shijiazhuang that places more than 2,000,000 laborers and make great contribution to the development of economy and society with a contribution ratio of 30% for finance has reached a certain scale after development of many years. We should hold our advantages, and this is the second planning of our Shijiazhuang. Recently, we will carry on the third planning, i.e., the established planning of characteristic agricultural districts. Shijiazhuang has 12,000,000 mus  lands, and the annual output of grain breaks through 5,000,000,000 kilogram. Shijiazhuang is one of the national producing districts of wheat with high quality. There are three main wheat-producing districts, and Shijiazhuang is one of them. In addition, the vegetable annual output of Shijiazhuang is 10,000,000,000 kilogram, and the annual output of dry and fresh fruitage is 2500,000,000 kilogram. The development of animal agriculture is very quickly. The annual amount of livestock on hand of live pig is more than 1500,000,and that of cattle is 1500,000, and that of sheep is 2000,000. The annual amount of egg is also very big. We can have a look that Beijing and shanghai came to investigate our city recently, and we had a elementary agreement with shanghai that we provide them 2500,000 kilogram fresh eggs, so our characteristic agriculture has a certain scale. Therefore, we prepare to carry on the three primary planning, and we will fully exploit the industrial advantages to promote the rapid development of economy.

Thirdly, considering the long-term development of economy and society of Shijiazhuang, since great circulation can drive great manufacture and small circulation can drive small manufacture, it is realistic and no problem that we put forward to establish a modern city of provincial capital. Therefore, being established in long-term development of economy, we should establish market via commerce and trade, promote market via commerce and trade, enlarge the gross of economy and enhance the quality of life. It will have great effect on the economy of whole city and every aspect of society, in case the planning comes on. Moreover, the planning itself is a creed and a banner of execution, and it can mobilize the enthusiasm of 10,000,000 people of the whole city. There are 9240,000 residents living on 15,800 square kilometers  land of Shijiazhuang, and its population density is incomparable for any city all over the country. It is feasible to develop circulation of commerce and trade here, so it is a very good way to establish North China important commercial ports for developing Shijiazhuang, constructing Shijiazhuang and enhancing the level of employment.

2、the question about how to carry on the planning

Telling the truth, since we has done the commission, we mostly offer situation and listen to the experts to do like this. At present, we also have some basic ideas which are not earnestly and painstakingly studied by City Committee and City Government, and we mostly consider following several points for reference.

1)About the space of planning. It is mostly contain two ideas that one is big circle and the other is small circle. Big circle means 15800 square kilometers  land of whole Shijiazhuang covering 24 counties (town) and districts. Presently, Shijiazhuang has 12 counties, 5 county towns, 6 districts and 1 development area of high and new technology industry, still considering peripheral area: eastern Cangzhou and Hengshui, northern Baoding, western Shanxi province and southern Xingtai and Handan. At present, many aspects of commerce and trade of Shijiazhuang have already covered Sanbei area, and had a certain effect, so we also need to consider the internal and external areas of our province. Small circle need to consider 5 areas in city plus the development area of high and new technology industry. The structure of our development area is one area and 3 elements. It is made up of eastern area, western area and Liangcun development area, still including peripheral Zhengding County, Luancheng County and Luquan City, and this is the small circle of our commercial ports planning, and is the emphasis of our planning too. Of course, with the urban development, the urban districts planning of Shijiazhuang will also be continuously adjusted and perfect and will not completely be the present pattern, and it is also associated with the future development.

2)About the content of the planning. Everybody who is present here is a expert, the content of the planning I am considering ought to emphasize several aspects: firstly, we should construct Shijiazhuang into a consuming center and lay particular stress on the development of modern business modes. At present, the chain super markets annual sale of our city that is beyond the national average accounts for 11% of city consumer goods retail gross. Secondly, we should construct Shijiazhuang into a trading center. Trade traditionally means wholesale, and we should consider this question in a big area. Presently, the covering surface of merchandise trade isn’t actually Shijiazhuang itself either, and we should more emphasize the gathering and radiating ability of merchandise. The third is a center of storage and goods movement. We should overall consider from the point of view of the big commercial port. As a big commercial port, it mus st have goods movement and storage. At present, there are many sectors that are starting to construct goods movement, but it can’t be blindly. The fourth is constructing it into an important exhibition center of North China. In second half of this year, we will construct Shijiazhuang international exhibition center, and the tendering and calling for tender is in process presently. This time, China (Shijiazhuang) international small commodity fair organized by us is also about to open. Seeing from present situation, it is better than we have expected. It has already attracted many domestic and overseas traveling merchants to arrive in Shijiazhuang. Presently, the exhibition places have already been far from demand, so the exhibition center is also an important content of North China commercial ports. The fifth is constructing it into a commercial information center. The future commerce is a big commerce, so how to melt North China important commercial ports and the economy of Shijiazhuang into a more large-scale economic circle is also a task that the planning of commercial ports need to thrash out.

3)About industrial relevant questions that planning involved. The planning of North China important commercial ports is a systematic engineering that deals with macroeconomic development and city development. The planning of constructing important commercial ports need to consider the development of first and second industry. Presently, the macroeconomic level of Shijiazhuang is not very high, but we don’t lag in case of considering nothing more than agriculture, and we already prepare to carry on the planning and construction of characteristic agriculture areas. The construction of commercial ports needs to be sufficiently considered how to connect with the agricultural development well, such as constructing a provisions trading center. Among the national central cities, Shijiazhuang that is also an important growing district of provisions and else agricultural accessory products has very sufficient conditions, but it also hasn’t a provisions trading center with stringent specification. Our third industry not only a start of inducting production, but also a end-result of products, so we ought to well consider how to make a good connection between it and the agricultural economic development. On the aspect of second industry, what we emphasize is medical production. Until the end of “tenth five”, the drugs production and sale of Shijiazhuang will achieve 50,000,000,000 RMB , and it will achieve 100,000,000,000 RMB  in 2010. Shijiazhuang still hasn’t a large-scale medicine trading market, and Shijiazhuang is the best of all cities that have the qualification of constructing medicine markets. This is also the question of the connection between constructing a large commercial port and the development of medicine industry. On the aspect of tour and culture, Shijiazhuang is the national excellent tourist cities whose tourism gross income of the whole city can break through 6000,000,000 RMB  this year and tourist trade develop rapidly, and this accounts for more than 5% of the domestic production total value. When we do the planning of commercial ports, we ought to fully consider how the development of commerce trade promotes the development of tourist trade and how they melt together. The former not only serves the latter, but also assistants it. What I have said here is the question that the planning of commercial ports and major trades mus st join each other, and it ought to have the effect of promoting each other.

4)About the planning term. The question of the term of planning commercial ports needn’t be carried on according to the time limit of “tenth five” and “eleven five”, and we may consider whether it is also according to a period of time of 5 years: the first phase lasts to 2007, and the second phase lasts to 2012 when we will basically construct the frame of the important commercial ports. Calculating the periods of time according to 5 years and 10 years has stronger guiding and operability for the future specific work, and we may plan the construction of North China important commercial ports according to 10 years.

5)About the definition of the standard and condition of North China commercial ports. We ought to establish the construction standards of North China important commercial ports on the qualitative aspect and quantitative aspect and define the development target, index and construction standard of each aspect of commercial circulation trade including the exhibition, goods movement trade and so on. Furthermore, we ought to also define the market proportions of modern circulation service trade and traditional service trade, such as that how many the development of goods movement trade accounts for in the whole circulation economy is reasonable on earth. It has very strong guiding for the practical commercial circulation work through the definition like this.

As a whole, Shijiazhuang working out the development planning of commercial ports is used to guide the work and define the great goal of our commercial circulation trade development. In case the planning is confirmed, we will still carry through decomposing and executing the items, contents and age limit. Every expert needn’t excessively think about the question of investment, and the economic development is mus ltivariate investment. There are 100,000 Wenzhou people trading in Shijiazhuang. When I had an information discussion with the mayor of Wenzhou last year, I talked of that the number of Wenzhou people trading in Shanghai is 350,000, the number in Beijing is 250,000, and the number in Shijiazhuang is 100,000, in other words, our commercial and investment environment is quite good. Our investment always insists on mus ltivariate investment, and every people can do it as long as he is competent. Therefore, in case the planning is confirmed, it can’t become the draft in the drawer, while it ought to be a scientific planning with operability and quite high standards. Considering the time limit of the planning from the economic work of the whole city, our original idea is completing the demonstration before the end of this year, so we hope every expert extraordinarily tries your best to work hard at it.

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