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Characteristic Farming Region in the North

Building our city into special agricultural area is a position fixed by our mus nicipal party committee and city hall when they plan our development of rural and rural economy.Since the beginning of April this year, we concentrate human power to compile the general planning of special agricultural area.The planning began with our city’s limiting factors and basic present conditions of agriculture and then made the special estate divided into three levels, which included master special estate, developing special estate and special estate in the county so as to cultivate and develop the special estate.The master special estate includes six large estates such as exclusive used wheat with high quality, corn that is used in medicine, pone, big Chinese date, milk estate and eggs, etc. The developing special estate includes three large estates such as exported vegetables, bacon hogs and rapidly growing wood, etc. The special estate in the county includes flowers and plants, edible fungi, watermelon of Xinle, sweet potato of Xingtang and pomegranate of RMB shi, etc.

According to the goal and implement step which were determined by “Project”, at the end of year 2005 the percent that total output value of our master special estate occupy that of the whole agriculture will reach to 43%, the rate of estate management will reach to 50%, the rate of merchandise will reach to 85% and the industrial level of conversion of product processing will reach to 50%.And at the end of year 2010, the percent that total output value of our master special estate occupy that of the whole agriculture will exceed 50%, the rate of estate management will exceed 55%, the rate of merchandise will reach to 90% and the industrial level of conversion of product processing will reach to 60%, so as to realize the spanning from a large agricultural city to a strong agricultural city of Shijiazhuang.Not long ago Shijiazhuang had invited national famous specialists to evaluate and demonstrate the whole building plan of our special estate agricultural area. They had evaluated the scheme of the project seriously and afforded full affirmation and high appreciation.They all considered that building special area showed that Shijiazhuang would face the challenge of joining WTO actively. The building of special area is a important decision for accelerating the stage of agricultural estate construction, increasing the local rival ability in the market of home and out and it is also a real choice for increasing the income of farmer, developing local economy.The “Project” put forward the specific aim, the emphasis of development, regional layout and six protective managements for three levels as master, developing, county. And they were put forward by seizing the tendency of development of home or out and by analyzing the advantage of resource and location of Shijiazhuang’s agriculture.Dividing the special agriculture into three layers not only extruded the emphasis of work but also mobilized enthusiasm of entering into the construction of special agriculture among all the departments of all ranks.。This project stood at a high position and looked in the future, so it owned innovative significance.The “project” put forward 6 master special estate areas which included high quality wheat, corn used as medicine, plain sandlot pome, big Chinese date of Taihang Mountains, milk estate of around provincial capital and chicken scale raising, etc. The selection of estate has full reason; the emphasis of the building project is very outstandingly; the layout of the region is reasonable; so the character of operation is strong.The “Project” put forward the support policy of carrying out the project of building of agricultural estate on talents, science, finance, regime, policy and law to guarantee the implement especially fall the development of special agricultural estate together with the increasing of degree of farmer’s organization and innovate on the job.

The committee of evaluation suggested that the project should be further perfected, the protective management should be more specific, the rational using of water resource should be regarded and pay more attention to exert the effects of industrial committee

Leaderette: on August from 25 to 31, mus nicipal party committee and city hall organized magistrates, secretaries who charge agriculture of all counties and have something with the responsibility, etc 80 persons to go to other cities’ industrial gardons to study and learn the experience including Zhangjia Gang of JiangSu Province, WeiFang of ShangDong Province and DeZhou.On the way of back, they convened the economic meeting of county of the whole city in Xinji and mayor Zangsheng Ye made a important address.Mayor Zang analysed the gap in our economic development of county area combining with the experience of Zhangjia Gang, WeiFang and DeZhou. He definited the new route for its economic development called one unique and three changes and put forward new working requests to improve the job for librating our thoughts and renovating our ideas.

The address of comrade Zangsheng Ye in the economic working meeting of the whole city (abstract).collatioaccording to the tape 2002-8-31

1、perist in the developing route of one unique and three change, speed up the development of county area

The job of accelerating the economic development has many aspects, but I believe that the key and sally port are “seizing two ends and having unique”. And in the course of implement our economy of county area should walk op the route of one unique and three change.The meaning of one unique is being of its own characteristic. Through this review all what we looked were characteristics. Our city also has its own characteristics such as leather of Xinji and cement of Luquan.Unique what is called is not following the same pattern.Our county area economy will has no outlook and potent if we have no characteristic. Three changes are agricultural industrializing, village industrializing and the change from village to town. We put forward the route in due form that Shijiazhuang’s economy should walk up the way of one unique and three changes. Only if we have our own characteristics can we have the market, rival ability and benefit.Agricultural industrializing, village industrializing and the change from village to town are the important ways to develop unique economy of county area. And during the course of development they consolidate, promote and improve with each other. We should catch on and master the dialectical relation between one unique and three changes. We should also seize the three changes through combining reality tightly and standing out our own characteristic. And then we can make great efforts to walk out a modern development route of our own city for agriculture and villages and to complete the construction of north unique agricultural area.

1)Strongly push forward the agricultural industrialization. Agricultural industrialization is not only a development problem but also a reformation problem. It through the operating mode of integration of company and base to optimize and configure agricultural resource on larger scope and higher level, realize the “double win” of the peasant and company. It also represented the direction of advanced productivity development of current village.Therefore, each section of all levels should regard agricultural industrialization as the working center of village economy and as the important path of realizing strong mus nicipal and enrich people. And it should be hold firmly and well. To push forward the process of the agricultural industrialization, there are five aspects should be done well:

Firstly, the strength used to support the group leader enterprises should be strengthened. Group leader enterprises are the key and center of the agricultural industrialization. If we want to do the agricultural industrialization well we should seize it well.Compared with WeiFang, the number, scale and product extrovert degree of our group leader enterprises of the agricultural industrialization is very low. And there is a large gap in the striding to the internationalization.We only have one agricultural industrialization group leader enterprise of 151 of the whole country, but WeiFang Have four. There are more than 30 enterprises whose exporting profits exceeded ten million dollars but we have only more than ten enterprises whose sales profits exceeded one hundred millions RMB . So if we want to accelerate the step of development of group leader enterprises we should continue taking incline policy on finance, ground, credit and revenue. And develop the current 12 group leader enterprises into a more bigger and stronger situation, so as to increase the driving ability. At the same time we should take preferential measures to push forward the transition of group leader enterprises to extraversive style.After some years efforts we fight for forming a group of famous group leader enterprises which have large manage scale, good economic efficiency, high extraversive degree in the whole province and country.We should lead and encourage the industry and commerce to enter into the field of agricultural production, develop the processing of agricultural products, support foreign commerce, supply and marketing, foodstuff, etc so as to construct new group leader enterprise with all kinds of forms. No matter what kind of ownership and form we will support on policy and finance without any bias.

Secondly, promote standardization of agriculture. Promoting standardization of agriculture is tendency of the developing situation. If the products have not a quality standard they will have no market. Even if it has presently, it will be short-lived and will walk into the corner at last.All sections of all levels should build up the concept that the quality is primal, make great efforts to spread agricultural harmless planting manage technology and realize the standardization producing. We should have our own orientation according to the market of agriculture. If there are any international or national standard we should execute sternly. If there is no explicit regulation we should establish the local standard as soon as possible. We also should establish inspection system, before the end of this year carry out the institutional system of farm production market permission according to the requisition of province.

Thirdly, consolidate the construction of high quality production base. Whoever processed the high quality production base it then control the initiative of the market.Pushing forward the development should surround the need of the group leader enterprises, do well in planting and breeding and carry out order agriculture. It should protrude its scale, integrate all parts to form specialty.From the whole city we should pay more attention to the construction of six large property area which include exclusive wheat of east plain, corn, sandlot pear, big Chinese date of Taihang Mountains, county area’s milk industry surround provincial capital, eggs and domestic birds base, etc and make it possess distinct regional and high advanced nature on manage level.Every county (city) should also combine their base to speed up the construction of the base and form the special county, which possess one or two main products. We should keep on working on the exploitation of mountain region, develop new production base to ensure complete the aim of the development of 100 ten thousand of mus .

Fourthly, increase the systemize degree of peasant. The systemize degree of peasant determined not only the scale benefit of agriculture but also the rival ability and anti-risk ability of agriculture. It is a key problem, which should be imperative and mus st be done well.Every section of all levels should respect it highly and clutch it tightly. We should encourage professional association, cooperative shop of peasant to let them organize the peasant through land, finance, labor joining from partnership, etc. We should also establish collaborative economical organization of peasant, to organize them, harmonize planting and breeding, unify outward, increase benefit. The city office of industrialization should investigate and take out the specific policy and measures to support and develop the collaborative economical organization of peasant and then carry out after researching by civic.

Lastly, raise the operation quality of the agricultural technological demonstration garden area. The agricultural technological demonstration garden area is the hatching device of the agricultural industrialization management, special technology, special product, special property and it is also a effective carrier of doing for peasant to see, guiding peasant to do, pushing forward peasant to be rich.In recently our agricultural technological demonstration garden area has possessed the initial scale and the GaoCheng high and new technology garden area, GaoYi high and new technology garden area and Luquan ecology garden area are placed as the important garden area of province. But compared with ShouGuang and DeZhou garden area there is a large gap between them and us on the scale of management, the level of management and benefit of management, etc.The main reason is the incorrect direction and the stiff regime. To change this situation we should serve up the group leader and serve down the base so as to seek the development in the service on the direction. And on the regime we should carry out market behaving and enterprise management so as to seek activity in the innovation.

2)Strongly push forward the industrialization of village. The industrialization of village is the important way of realizing enriching the county and people, increasing the economic real strength of county area. Every sections of all levels should put the industrialization at the outstanding place and do well conscientiously.

Firstly, we should seize the large project that has important effect on the city or county. The practice has proved over and over that every city that has large project will develop fast and has good finance situation. Although ShouGuang agriculture is prosperous they believe that it is not good if they don’t seize the industry. Only if we have seized the large project can we increase the financial income.The development of project is the important power of special economy. A good industrial project can not only transfer large quantity of peasant labors but also push forward local economy and drag local property. Seizing project should thinking surround the economy and seeking development should do what is effective. If only there are market, potent, development no matter traditional or newly risen they should be developed.If the current enterprise has market prospective and developing potentiality we should take special measures, support its technical and system reformation in every possible way, enlarge the scale, make efforts to be bigger and stronger. We should grasp the important project for our country, release our outlook, plan new project actively, pay more attention to breed our important property and through two or three years to change the current situation that some counties have no diaphysial enterprises.Every section of all levels especially the leaders should sensitive to economy. Although some newly risen enterprises’ scale are not enough big, after some time they can grow into giants completely. So in regard to these properties and enterprises we should also support them actively to make it become the properties, which possess extremely activity.

Secondly, strongly do well in attracting businessman and investment. We should seize the project and investment. Now, it is very difficult to depend on the investment of finance and nation. The only is attracting businessman and investment. At present we should prepare two things, one is attracting businessman and investment the other is developing individual privately owned economy. Our county economy can’t develop if the two things are not settled. On attracting businessman and investment we should learn the experience of three cities and display the spirit of thousand mountains and waters, all sorts of hardship, innumerable words and by all manners which are called four thousands and four myriads so as to change the fashion and means and realize the attracting businessman and investment.

Thirdly, strongly develop individual privately owned economy. Individual privately owned economy is the increasing point of our county, which have the most activity and potentiality. In recent years the state of individual privately owned economy is very good. In the half year there are 10 counties possess the increasing rate of 20%, which compare with Zhangjia Gang, DeZhou the reason of our gap is not only a problem of quality but also a problem of quantity but mainly in not enough quantity.So every section of all levels should regard expand of quantity as the premier task to catch. Regard the individual privately owned economy as the main measure of enriching people and strengthening country. Continuously carry through the detailed rules and regulations of “Policies and opinions on accelerate the development of individual privately owned economy ” and make great public opinions, activate people widely, construct the situation of accelerating development.We should solve the problems that the leaders should make no distinction between all kinds of economic component part and solve the problems of being not in position of work and power so as to ensure the political position of the individual privately owned economy, the social reputation, economic development. And we should also solve the problems that the individual privately managers will be satisfied with little rich and progress and don’t seek long-term development. We should teach them to establish great and lofty aspirations to make great cause and event.Further eliminate the prejudice of our crowd on individual privately owned economy. So long as through honorable laboring, legal management it should be think highly of by the society. We should mobilize all the people throw themselves into the development of individual privately owned economy actively. Men and women, young and old all go to battle; a mighty force goes in for management; develop the estates of one, two and three.In the range of national policy everyone can do what he can, can do how large he can, can develop how fast it can. And at the same time, we should widely use the outside good experience for reference, conscientiously solve the problems of lack of finance in the course of developing of individual privately owned economy, actively lead them to march system innovation, technical innovation and structural adjustment. Make efforts to breed a group of large individual enterprises and let them play the leading start of the county area. In this year we work hard for raise the rate of economic accretion to 20%, which occupy 35% of productive total value of the whole country.

Fourthly, speed up the system innovation of enterprise. The problem of system is the main problem of the enterprise. Because of stiff system though it managed well it is ephemeral. At present mostly enterprises have completed the system innovation but the main problem is the stiff system and not enough degree. After this meeting all counties should regard enterprises’ system innovation of county and village as an important event, which correlate to the existence of enterprises and make decision to learn the “jumping method” of Zhangjia Gang. At the end of 2003 change the system of all the enterprises built by county and town.The enterprise, which possesses certain scale, should decrease the collective composition in maximal degree and increase the stock proportion of administrator. The collective enterprise, which has small scale, will be change into privately owned enterprise, if they are not sold. The large enterprise, which has completed the innovation, should speed up improving the modern system and build up the system of juridical management, so as to increase the activity of them.

Lastly, actively found the industrial park. Building industrial park well and promote the development of small town not only benefit for the productive elements’ reasonable running, scientific allocation, displaying the effect of group but also benefit for central managing the pollution and realizing sustainable development.Aftertime, the job of village should lead by industrialization. We should jump our form agriculture to do it and the industrialization itself possesses the meaning which agricultural development should possess. At present we have possessed 114 small industrial areas and their manage income are 277 hundred millions RMB  which occupy 20% of that of all county areas. Compared with ZhangjiaGang, DeZhou they have smaller scale, non-outstanding specialty and low integrated level.Aiming at said conditions we should manage three aspects. Firstly, we should plan with science and dispose with reason. This year every county really should build an industrial park according to our conditions. The development of industrial park should display its specialty and plan functional layout, leading industry and specialty as a whole. Secondly build basic facilities well. Improve the complement function and create a good hard environment. Lastly, carry out the slope policy to offer the service that is convenient, quick, whole, all levels. And decrease the interference and charge so as to change the garden area into the “economic garden area” and attract more enterprises to enter and garrison in and push forward the development of economy.

3)Strongly push forward the urbanization. The level of urbanization is an important marking, which represents the modernization of an area and a country. Accelerating the development of small town is not only the inevitable selection of county economy and social development but also the important way for improving and increasing the living standard of people.

Firstly, we should build our town well especially the downtown of county city. From now on, by the end of next year regulate the town in order to solve the problems that include purgation, clothe with greenery, stiffness, beautify. Every county should take out some millions RMB  to regulate it well. No matter big or small the town should be clean, beautiful and lovely.There is no money for the development but we can manage it by administrate city. There being no money for purgation we can manage it by “three contract” by the units. By the end of 2005 Xinjin, GaoCheng, JinZhou, Luquan and Xinle should make efforts to place themselves as moderate city. And the other towns should make efforts to exceed 10 myriads, becoming the second-class city with different functions and characteristics.

Secondly, well build town basing on industry and specialty. Actively develop a batch of special small town with the characteristics of trade, industry and tour. Developing small town we should firstly build the town well in order to walk up to the route of “small village with big town”. It is the developing direction of China in the future.

Thirdly, downtown should speed up “four innovation”. For accelerating the development of city and ensuring the stabilization of society, at the beginning of this year the mus nicipal party committee and city hall have determined to change the collective property of village into system of share. The ownership of land transferred form collective to nation. The villager is changed into resident. The committee of village changed into residents. Every area has proceeded some experiments, but make little progress. Some areas even remained the stage of propaganda. The basic reason is that the leader paid little attention to it and emphasized too mus ch difficulties but solving too little problems.After this meeting, we will increase the power of work, centralize the strength, and strengthen the guiding, so as to complete the work of “four innovation” of one village. And sum up the experience, put down the plan for every village, for ensuring completing the task on time according to the “four innovation”.Every county should also speed up the reformation of village in the city, especially the county town. It should follow the route of downtown to march. There is also a question that our city has too little green ground. I have said to secretary Zhenhua that we l construct a garden or park in every district and it mus st be larger than 20 mus  in order to improve Shijiazhuang’s environment.

2、Reinforce the consciousness of service, strongly construct the first-class developing environment

Environment is resource, rival ability and the first increasing point. Constructing good developing environment should be regarded as the important point of city hall’s job. Depending on the good developing environment to attract external force, enlighten internal force, lend people’s labor, attract and collect projects, finance, talents and techniques so as to realize spanning development. And it is also the common experience of ZhangJia Gang, WeiFang and DeZhou.In recent years we have done a large amount of work improving the developing environment, but the problems that the environment limited the development seriously. The problems lie in the hardware and especially in the software which includes stiff manage system, no norm management and not proper service.So every section of all levels should further reinforce the environment as chance, rival ability and consciousness of development from the need of new situation and development. And make efforts to construct good environment for economic development.

Firstly, optimize the environment of system. The system determines the mechanism and mechanism determines the activity. Every section of all levels should adapt itself to the new situation of joining WTO and transform the function of city hall. And make efforts to solve the problems that the city hall exceeds its position mistakes its position and lack of position. We should give the power of management to the enterprise and give general social service to the intermediate organization.We should increase the power of administrative examine system innovation and make a resolution to decrease the segments of administrative examine system. If they need no strict examination the administrative examine will be substituted by file registered. The project that mus st be examined and approved should be disposed as simply as possible and the behaving should be norm so as to construct a strict duty pursuing system.We should strongly push forward the behaving system that accept by one unit, charged only once, examined and approved by one station and completed in limited time so as to improve the efficiency of work. Regulate the market order and behavior according to the law. Construct the environment that appreciate honest, possess good order. It will really realize the situation that people can fully display their ability, goods can running without any hamper and the subject will be fully used.

Secondly, complete the environment of policy. We have done a lot in this aspect, but compared with advanced cities and areas our policy is not enough flexible and well carried out. Every section of all levels should maximal fully use the measures and policies proposed by central and province to reform or abolish the policy which do harm to economic development and active factors’ introducing according to the “three representative” and “three benefits”. At the same time we should use the experience of Zhangjia Gang and WeiFang for reference with courageous to establish the most favorable, most flexible and most previous policies and measures. Make efforts to gain progress in the field of individual private economic development and attracting businessman and investment. We should presume leading up and not miserly to calculate big bills. We should let investor know that the policy of Shijiazhuang is the most favorable and the most suitable to investment. Make efforts to construct our city into a “magnetic field” and “low-lying land” of finance and talents.

Thirdly, create a good social environment. Accelerating development can’t get away from the stabile social environment. Only if there is stability there is development. Every section of all levels should have charge of district seriously and maintain the social and political stability conscientiously and ensure the safely and soundly of the area. Our leader should lead to the point, measure to the point and work to the point.We should do our jobs with emotion and solve the troublesome problems what our people care of in time and extinct the contradiction in the basic level and budding state. We should reinforce the synthetically management of peace security, strike the criminal activities seriously and make efforts to construct a good safe environment. At the same time, we should also reinforce the development of social spiritual civilization, lead civic morality that is civil and positive and develop and expand culture of Shijiazhuang that is of strong local specialty and distinct period characteristic. We should also increase the idealistic state inside and enlarge the influence of Shijiazhuang outside.

 Fourthly, form a favourable condition of leading service with all our strength. The development is the first important task to be in the saddle and to prosper the nation. It is also the key to solve all problems. The feeling of visiting and studying for several day is that: people all over the towns keep forging ahead and the atmosphere of wanting to speed up the development is very hot in the three towns. All the people, from the leaders to general cadres and masses, think that time and tide wait for no men and advance with the times, so they want to development, plot to development and speed up the development steadily and conscientiously. The condition of leading service is round by other condition and it isn’t only the important condition, but also the most and the best one. Every class and every department, especially the leaders, need to catch on the important significance that development is the “the first important task”, further recognize position, strengthen the consciousness of development, plot to develop self-imposed and kept pace with the times ambitiously and intently and put it in practice. What we want is a good leading condition, which is more excellent than others.First, we should emancipate the mind and make up our mind to win our way. All of us mus st understand that it all depends on human effort and human depends on spirit. The key to speed up the development of the counties is the leading group and the leading nucleus are main leaders and the result depends on the state of mind. We will plot to important matter, do great pioneering cause and seek quick development by studying Zhangjiagang’s spirit of “determination is resource, confidence lead to success”. We need to get rid of the outdated conception which is conservation to be anxious of risk and build up the enterprising spirit which we wish to compete with other strong rivals. We should dare to do everything which be accorded with the demand of “three favorables” and “three represents theory”. We should insist on that we work previous to controversy and have things before criterion them. We go out to have a good atmosphere that people want to progress and do great pioneering cause by seizing the great causes, exploiting the new events and make a prompt decision to urgent events.Second, the responsibility system mus st be set up. The most useful method to solve the problem that there is no difference in spite of many cadres is that the goal of the responsibility is put into effect and score their accomplishment by checking. If there is on special reasons, every county mus st be sure to accomplish the annual goal of limited liability which be assigned by the mus nicipal government. Every class and every department need to assign everybody concrete work and make the responsibility understood, the task and the goal transparent. Thus, everybody feel press and take advantage of the power press-induced to summon up people to do project and seek progress. The efficient supervisal need to be enhanced. The guidance, supervisal and urge, inspect and asking for credit need to be burned up.There is breach of the duty if he don’t do what he should do. There is also lapsus if he doesn’t work as quickly as he can. The cadres who have no contribution mus st be adjusted uncompromisingly. The cadres who are “incorruptible, studious, contributing” mus st be hold out brightly. Thus, it is known that no work leads to nothing, no industry leads to nothing and no contribution leads to nothing. The prompting mechanism need to implement, the rewards and punishment need to be strict, the advanced person need to cheer on and the last need to spur on. The mus nicipal agriculture and industrial Party committees need to make out checking deliverance of the economic development of the county with the experience of Shijiazhuang and submit to the mus nicipal Party committees and the mus nicipal government. After studied, it is to be implement. The summarizing meeting will come off to appraise the economy of the counties through comparison by the end of each year. The counties (cities) and men whose achievement is outstanding will be commended.Third, we mus st continue to improve the styles and methods of work. Every class and every department mus st continue to improve the styles and methods of work according to the rules of the WTO and take full advantage of the means of laws and economy and update methods to administer the economy. We don’t only need scientific ideas, but also give prominence to emphases. Above all, we need in-depth concrete work. We mus st be good at transiting the thought and stipulations of principle into the measures that we can operate. We need to apply them to every domain, every corporation, every product, every item, further more every concrete problem which people pay attention to. The whole work will be promoted by solving every concrete problem. The work style of seeking truth from facts mus st stick to by looking into facts, doing concrete work and seeking substantial results.Fourth, the quality and level of serving mus st be improved studiously. The conception of “administration is serving” mus st be build up and the government administering mechanism centering on serving mus st be set up. The conceptions and conducts of “working in department” and “examining and approving and auditing” mus st be changed. We need to arrive at spots to provide corporations and farmers with the serving of good market, technology, and person with ability and policies with initiative. In the face of the difficulties and the problems that masses put forward, we aren’t allowed to say “No” simply, but say “how to do”. We need not only to fulfil duties zealously, but also assist to solve problems that aren’t included in our work. The urgent things mus st be solved quickly and the special things mus st be solved specially, that is, “green light” is always bright along the way. Our aim is that all promising persons have ample scope for their abilities in Shijiazhuang. The building of the organs and the order need to be enhanced and the judges is masses and investors. For the future, the unit whose the comments of organs is not worth his salt will not be advanced; the main leaders and leading group will answer for their duty if they haven’t been worth their salt for two successive years.Henceforth, the party members and cadres of every class mus st strengthen the consciousness of development’s condition and that I do the first and do the bagatelles first. The imagery of the party committee and government need to be stick to, so do the development’s condition. The conducts that harming the imagery of Shijiazhuang and the development’s condition can’t be indulged and mus st be dealt with strictly.

Comrades, in the face of new position and new mission, we mus st take the important thought of “three represents theory” of secretary-general Jiang Zeming as our guidance, emancipate the mind, exploit the creativity, keep pace with the times, promote the economic development of the counties and salute the sixth convention’s coming with excellent achievement.

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