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 Chinese Base of Textile Industry

Developing textile industry energetically and building textile base of the whole country are the important and strategically decision-making, which made by the town clerk and city hall of Shijiazhuang. Building textile base is both necessary and pressing. Along with our entering into the 21st century, especially the acceding to the WTO, it accelerated the course of the combination of global economy, the trade liberalization and made the rival of market drastically so the testing will be more grim than ever which was put forward by international rival for the acceding of textile industry. Only can we recognize the phase; catch the chance; run-up the development and reinforce the synthesis rival ability of the textile industry of Shijiazhuang, we could stand at a situation of not being defeated in the market rival of our country or out and realize the spanning development.

On July 6, 2002, ‘The project outline of the textile industry of Shijiazhuang’ had passed through the evaluation and demonstration of the specialist of our country and Provence. There are more than 30 famous specialists attended the meeting, such as the chairman of the China Textile industry  Institute, the primary undersecretary of the Ministry of National Textile industry , the managing director of Textile industry  Bureau, the professor and senior engineer Duyu Zhou, the minister of the National Developing Planning Committee Macroscopic View Academy, the academician, of the Engineering Academic of China and honorary member and emeritus professor of Engineering Science Academic of Xi’an, the chairman of China Textile industry  Academic, etc. The specialists have made concordance that ‘The project outline of the textile industry of Shijiazhuang’ has the properties of far-sight, science and manipuility. And through the hard working of the Shijiazhuang’s people, the city can by all means be built as the important textile industry  of our country.

Our textile industry had its prosperity in the early 50’s of 20th century. After more than 50 years of developing, we have formed the relative whole industrial system mainly in textile, printing and dyeing, in addition to chemical industry, chemical fiber, wool textile, knitting, clothing and mechanical equipment, etc. At the end of the 9th five-year plan, our city has had 52 major enterprises; the total sum of the enterprises has reached 61 hundred millions RMB ; the holding of the product ability are 89 myriads spindles and 2 myriads looms; the printing and dyeing ability is 4.8 hundred millions meters  per annum; the production of the chemical fiber is 7000 ton per annum; the production of clothing is 3400 myriads per annum. In the 2001, we have realized 54.41 hundred millions RMB  of sales income and 5.12 hundred millions of tax, being the number one of the same trade. And it has built a firm base for our developing textile industry base. 

The direct idea of the building national textile industry base is that carrying out the spirit of the 5th and 6th conference of the 15th country meeting seriously. Using development as the main topic, the structural readjustment as main line, the enterprises as main part, the market as guide, the economic as center, the technical originality innovation as sustain, the regime innovation as safeguard, oversizing the energy of the technology innovation, using high and new technology to reform and improve the textile industry, so as to reinforce the global rival ability and to realize the aim which is include enlarging total amount, optimizing the construction, leading the science and technology, increasing the benefit. Then make itself the finest and strongest city-textile.

At the end of 2005, the industrial sales and tax will be increased from 54 hundred millions RMB  and 5 hundred millions RMB  to 90 hundred millions RMB  and 11 hundred millions RMB  respectively. And at the end of 2010, they will reach to 180 hundred millions RMB  and 25 hundred millions RMB  respectively. ‘The project outline’ has generated developing focal point of our textile base is carrying out the “3452” project. And it has determined the main step of the developing of our textile base. 

The specialists have suggested that we should strengthen the following aspects during the course of building the textile base: firstly, we should make full cognition to the situation of our joining WTO and the drastic rival of the market of our country or out. And we should oversize the strength of the innovation and speed-up the innovation. Using idea innovation to improve the regime, system, science and products innovation in order to increase the rival ability of the Shijiazhuang’s textile products in the foreign or national market. Then it can make Shijiazhuang the new style textile industry base in the new situation in north China. Secondly, we will prolong the industry chain, increase the added value of the products and realize the span developing in some new products field on the base of the developing cotton yarn, cotton cloth, increasing the quality of yarn and cloth end to end, forming famous brand and according to the need of the market and self advantage. Lastly, the government should do a lot of on the reinforce building of the industry base and the training of the talents to support the developing of generality technique and overburden mining the bearing of enterprises. The government also should create a good exotic environment, improve the current existing enterprise, attract foreign capital and the enterprise of other region to join into the newly built garden, run-up the building of textile base.

The suggestion of the specialists

Firstly the city Shijiazhuang has formed the textile industry system, which is mainly in cotton textile and with all kinds of other styles. It also has a batch of diaphysial enterprises, which have their own characteristic and rival ability, a group of quality technical staff, managerial staff and high quality employee. It has a good management base, products reputation and advantage of output. Shijiazhuang locates in the joint of the coastal region and inland, so it ’s cotton resource is very rich and it has developing potentiality. Then building Shijia Zhung into a modern textile base is completely necessary and it has full qualification. Secondly, the mus nicipal Party committee and city hall of Shijiazhuang have made the textile industry as one of the four biggest backer industries. The direction is correct and the decision has profound significance. ‘The project outline’ will lead the textile industry of Shijiazhuang developing with a high speed so as to form grouping effect and push forward the developing of the whole industry of the city. It also has an important significance for our textile industry. Lastly, ‘The project outline’ tightly bond to the industry practice put forward the aim and measure which completely feasible and against. It laid a good foundation for the projection of the Shijiazhuang’s textile industry.

The station and conditions for the building of national textile industry in Shijiazhuang

1、The foundation of the building of textile industry

Shijiazhuang’s textile industry  had its prosperity in the early 50’s of 20th century. After more than 50 years of developing, we have formed the relative whole industrial system mainly in textile, printing and dyeing, in addition to chemical industry, chemical fiber, wool textile, knitting, clothing and mechanical equipment, etc. Its category assorted and laid the substance foundation for the building of the Shijiazhuang’s textile industry base.

1)Foundation of industry

At the end of the 9th five-year plan, Shijiazhuang’s total sum of its textile enterprises has reached 61 hundred millions RMB ; the holding of the product ability are 89 myriads spindles and 2 myriads looms; the printing and dyeing ability is 4.8 hundred millions meters  per annum; the production of the chemical fiber is 7000 ton per annum; the production of clothing is 3400 myriads per annum. In the 2001, we have realized 54 hundred millions RMB  of sales income and 5.5 hundred millions of tax which occupy 6.3% and 4.6% respectively of that of all industries’ in the city, being the number one of the same trade.

2)Foundation of enterprise

During the developing of the Shijiazhuang’s textile industry, a group of diaphysial enterprises, which have different characteristic, different kind and rival ability, have been formed. At the present time there are 52 textile industry departments in Shijiazhuang. Among them there are 25 textile mills, 5 printing and dyeing mills, 6 apparel factories, 7 knitting mills, 4 wool spinning factories, 1 chemical fiber and chemical engineering factory, 4 textile machinery factories.

Shijiazhuang ChangShang Textile Group as one of the ten biggest and famous enterprises is a large-sized enterprise group whose main products are cotton spinning and printing and dyeing. In the year 1996, it was placed into one of the 520 key businesses, which were supported by the country as the first group, depending on its large scale and efficiency advantage. It also has been placed into one of 50 textile enterprises and one of 30 large-sized backer enterprises. The biggest control constituent corporation of ChangShan Group——Shijiazhuang ChangShan Textile company limited by shares, is a public offering company composed of four factories from cotton one to cotton four which are four government-owned empires and the leader solider of the textile industry of whole country. According to the statistic of textile industry institute, in the year 2000, the income of the sales and tax of ChangShan Textile company limited by shares has been the thirdly of the whole country. And in the year 2001 the income of the sales and tax has been the thirdly and fourthly respectively.

Hebei MingLu Clothing Group is a extraversion enterprise on which Shijiazhuang executed famous brand strategic. Inside the province it is the first to pass the quality authentication. These series products whose brand is “MingLu” have high quality, all ranks and high market share. The enterprise annually made profit of 600 dollars in foreign currency and has extensive developing prospect.

Shijiazhuang Tourism Trimming Group is a large-sized diaphysical enterprise which has two particular wide dyeing production lines. Its 70% of whole level of technique and equipment has reached the advanced level of international level in the 90th. Its particular wide dyeing trimming textile filled the blank of our country.

JinZhou Textile Mill, ZhaoZhou Textile Group have developed into a large-sized textile enterprise whose income and tax exceeded ten million RMB  depending on its advantage of low cost, light social bearing and excellent manage base.

3)Foundation of technology and talents

The textile industry of Shijiazhuang has a batch of excellent engineering technique management and high quality employees. At present it has 5000 high and middle technical managements. Among them there are 5 persons have obtained the “Mayday” medal of the country and 9 persons have obtained the labor model of the country. In the group of employee there are 8 persons as the manipulating master of the country and more than 200 persons were the manipulating master of province. There are 8 think factories, which mainly develop new products. They have obtained 2 awards for invention of country and 6 awards for scientific and technical payoffs of country. There are also 10 awards for scientific and technical payoffs of province and 160 awards for new products of city.

4)Foundation of product

During the developing of Shijiazhuang textile industry, it formed the pattern that its main products are loom stare and dyeing cloth and clothing. It also produce thousands kinds of textile products which adapt to the need of inside and outside. Long since many years, Shijiazhuang’s textile products were mainly export and they have been sold in more than 60 nations and areas. And it made itself in the international market depending on its prime quality and credibility. Among them, the series of cotton loom stare have wined grate reputation and it is called as south yarn and north cloth. Series of poplin exported to Japan and obtained “Golden horse trophy”. The series of yarn and poplin had been placed as the products, which need not be checked. The series “MingLu” clothing has high reputation in the market inside and outside. Its purified cotton crease-resist sarks have wined the “International golden award” and have been placed as the famous brand products that are major protected.

2、The conditions of the building of textile base

At present, there are not only a good foundation of substance but also a good chance of developing and exotic environment.

1)Policy for industry

Textile industry as one of the traditional industry of our country has powerful rival ability during our joining WTO. The national economic and commercial committee has put forward the “Execution opinion” recently. It points out clearly that the traditional industry will be the main part of our developing of national economy for a long time. It is the basic power of the economic increasing and the important foundation to realize the modernization. To realize the aim of our economic construction strategic adjustment, the high, new and advanced technology is needed. And we should also reform and improve the traditional industry, in order to let it obtain new impetus, rival advantages and enter a new stage of development. Shijiazhuang has placed the textile industry into one of four-backer industry and supports the development with whole strength.

2)Finance channel

Shijiazhuang’s large-sized diaphysial textile industries have low debt ratio, strong ability in the red and good reputation. They not only have companies in public, which have strong ability of finance but also locate in the center of the city, which are the golden miles. So it has a lot of channels such as securities finance, government loan with interest and land substitute. And it lays a foundation for the developing of raising finance and reforming.

3)The need of the market

In prospect of the new century, the consumption of the fiber in the word will hold a rapid increasing. According to the forecast of the specialist the sum of the fiber will has a rate of increase over 2% and in the newly 10 years, the sales of the fiber will reach approximately 5700 myriads ton per annum. Joining WTO will benefit for our exporting environment of textile products and maybe we can gain a larger economic space in the original market. Thought our country is a great power on the textile products, the potency of high rank plus material market in the nation is also very greatly. According to the statistic our country import high rank plus material worth 60 hundred millions dollars to produce clothing for exporting.

4)Advantage of the region

Shijiazhuang which locates in north China plain is an important cotton planting area. Its north is adjacent to Beijing and Tianjin that make it the traffic and commus nication junction of the whole country. It is also the new industrial city which permitted by State Council to carry out reforming and opening.The advantage of the region as the exceptionally gifted have created good conditions for attracting compound talents with high quality, hardly exploiting the market inside and outside the country, making full use of the two kinds of resource, realizing the spanning development for Shijiazhuang’s textile industry.

Sketch of Shijiazhuang’s industrial economy

In the 2001, the industrial economy holds a sustain healthy development continuously.The industrial value of all the statistical enterprises increased by 272 hundreds millions RMB  and the rate growed 12%.The industries of the whole city have realized 100.05 hundred millions RMB  of the profit and tax. It is the first time that we have broken through 100 hundred millions RMB . The rate of increase is 14.32%. The profits are 51 hundred millions RMB  and the rate of increase is 13.12%. It did realize the historic spanning of the industrial economy.In the city there are 170 industrial enterprises whose value of profit and tax has over 500 myriads RMB  and the sum of profit and tax are 71.6 hundred millions RMB . Its rate of increase is 19.08%, which occupy 70% of that of whole city’s. Among them there are 30 industrial enterprises whose value of profit and tax are 51.7 hundred millions RMB , and its rate of increase is 21.27% which occupy 51.67% of that of whole city’s. The medical industries of the whole city whose profit and tax are 12.39 hundred millions RMB  and the rate of increase is 22.07%.The investment of technical reform has reached to 73.55 hundred millions RMB  and the rate of increase is 11%. There are 45 projects that have already completed and gone into production and realized the original aim on effectiveness. Among them there are 4 large-sized projects having completed the construction adjustment and formed the newly rising point of economy.The value of industrial increase of Luquan, LuanCheng, XinHua, Zhengding, JinZhou, JingXing, etc have exceeded 15% and the profit and tax have exceeded 19%.

The industrial economy has been holding a good situation of development and has broken through the gate of 100 hundred millions profit and tax for the first time. Then became the 14th city whose profit and tax is over 100 hundred millions and named 6th in all provincial capitals of our country.The spanning was the historic transition location of all the industries in the city and it marked that Shijiazhuang had owned the foundation and strength of a large-sized industrial city.Its externalization mainly in five aspects: firstly, the construction of the enterprise changed ultimately. At present there are 30 diaphysial prepotent enterprises and among them there are 16 enterprises whose profit and tax has exceeded 1 hundred millions RMB  last year.Among them, ShangAn electricity generating station realized 7.5 hundred millions RMB  of profit and tax, the cigarette factory’s are 6.6 hundred millions RMB , the HuaYao’s are 5.89 hundred millions RMB , the ShiYao’s are 4.7 hundred millions RMB , the Xibai Po electricity generating station’s are 4.08 hundred millions RMB . HuaYao, ShiYao, Cigarette factory, ShiGang, Bill Print Factory, etc as 5 enterprises whose increase of pure profit have exceeded one hundred millions RMB . The 30 diaphysial enterprises have absorbed 107 enterprises. Then their whole assets scale have exceeded 610 hundred millions RMB  and hold 7 public offering companies such as HuaYao, ShiYao, WeiRMB , BaoShi, ChangShang, East Pyroelectric Factory and Shijiazhuang Petrochemical Works, etc. The accumus lating totals of directly investment has reached to 43 hundred millions RMB .Secondly, the further optimization of the industrial construction made the famous brand effect appear gradually.The whole city has formed the basic frame of industry on the base of 30 large-sized enterprises that were big unit of profit and tax. At the same time it formed two industries in the field of medicine and textile and laid the foundation for the building of national famous medicine capital and important textile base in our city. It has formed 16 kinds of famous brands over provincial class and 52 kinds of high quality products. Among them the “HuaBei” antibiotic, “SanLu” milk powder, “ZhenJi” soy sauce, have been evaluated as the nationwide trade marks and the series of “LuMing” clothing have been evaluated as the famous brand in the whole nation.Lastly, the whole city has formed new unique features and advantages. Since the 9th five-year-plan, the sum of investment of the technical reformation reached to 370 hundred millions RMB  and there are 672 important projects have been completed and reached the aim of production. There are more than 20 percent of technical equipment have reached the advanced level of international in 90s and 40 percent of technical equipment have reached the advanced level of international in 80s.

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