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"Medicine" Build Overall Planning


It is important physical foundation that drugs could keep and promote the human health, improve living quantity and prolong the mean life of the human. Medicinal industry is a high input, high output promising industry with vast market foreground. Continuously advancement of the ability of research and development, production capacity and the technical level, not only ensure the human health, but also is significant for the adjustment and optimization industrial structure, the development of district economy.

For its special property and position, medicinal industry is always concerned. With the progress of biological technique and continuously increment of live standard, it endows the medicinal industry with the vitality. The emergences of medicine valley, medicine harbor, Medicine City and mus ltinational medicine group in China and overseas, indicate that worldwide medicinal industry have become the most competitive industrial evaluative realm nowadays. All the cities and districts, regarding medicine industry as predominate industry, face unprecedented opportunity and challenge. The Shijiazhuang district is production base of traditional Chinese medicinal materials, and also is one of the quickest cities in medicinal industry after the reformation and open. After development of five decades, Shijiazhuang had become the city of the medicinal industry mainly with chemistry raw material medicine production. Facing against the pressure of competition, for the Shijiazhuang transition from the large mus nicipal to the mighty mus nicipal, further setting the pace for the mus nicipal medicinal feature and consolidation and elevation the status of Shijiazhuang in China and overseas, we especially made a general construction planning of Medicinal City in Shijiazhuang according to the national industrial policy, economic function location of Shijiazhuang made by State Department and physical situation of mus nicipal medicinal industry development.

1、Construction basis of Medicinal City

1)Developments background of Medicinal City

International background

Since 1975, worldwide medicine industry disengaged from the traditional industry cling to chemical industry already became a sturdy industry system and a support of the world economy. According to statistic, the sale income of worldwide drugs come to US$368 billion in 2000. Medicinal industry will keep the high-speed development in 21 century, the sale volume will reach US$ 540 billion in 2005 and will up to US$ 800 billion.

The gravity center of drug and biological pharmacy industry of current world primarily locate in the developed region and nation, such as Japans, United States, Europe, and formed some mus ltinational medicine industry groups with the global influence in the competition, The sale income of three greatest mus ltinational medicine groups, Huirui, Grance-Slick and Mock, all exceed US$20 billion. Through the development and differentiation of more than 20 years, the configuration pattern of global medical care resource had formed, the trend will be certain that medicine origin in chemical raw material would be transferred from developed nation to developing nation, and Chinese drugs internationalize.

Domestic background

Since the national reformation and open, with the breakthrough of pharmaceutical technology the system medicine the technique continuously obtain the push of the new breakthrough, the medicine industry stepped into a fast stage of development, and already became one of the rapidly develop industries in the national economy, the medicine industry scale continuously enlarge. According to the statistic report, 233.2 billion RMB  industry increment value was acquired by the whole industry, medicinal enterprise counted already reach 3613 by the end of 2000. Among them, there were 5 enterprises that the annual sale above exceed 3 billion RMB , such as North China Pharmaceutical factory, Harbin medicine group, 999 group, Shijiazhuang medicine group, Shandong Xinhualukang group, the sale sum of 5 enterprises reach 150.9 billion RMB  and formed 7 medicinal concentrative cities, for instance Shanghai, Shijiazhuang, Guangzhou, Harbin, Shenyang, Chongqing and Tonghua.

Now, chemical material medicine and medicinal intermediate had already been close to the international advanced level in China, and become the largest exporter of chemical material medicine in the world. Among them, the penicillin yield account for above 30% of global yield, the Vitamin C account for about 50% of global yield and or so 90% above of them is exported. Various biological products in China already are up to 300, and in new century, a serial of relevant products, such as biological pesticide, medicinal organism regened, medicinal foods, health protection food, medical apparatus and instruments, sanitary fixture, medicinal packaging material and etc all step into a fast stage of development. 

At the same time, Chinese is a nation that largely produces the traditional Chinese medicinal materials, and already 12807 kinds of medicine included the plant, animal and mineral are discovered. By the end of 2000, the area planted medicine had reach 11.5 million mus , the annual yield of Chinese drugs had reach 1.75 million ton, and the prepared Chinese medicine enterprises certificated by nation had reach 1059. The prepared Chinese medicine permitted for sale had reach 820,the annual sale incoming of the 28 kinds of them are above 100 million RMB , the Chinese medicine institutes established had reach 77,and institution exploit the new Chinese product about reach 100. For consolidation and development of the traditional advantage of Chinese medicine materials and the prepared Chinese drugs, and accommodating to the need of the modernization produce of the Chinese drugs. Some Chinese drug major laboratories and Chinese drugs engineering technique research centers had been established, and the productive system included medicine planting, treatment of prepared Chinese drugs, exploitation of new product, clinical trial, quality control and detection, had formed. 

Background in Hebei

Hebei province is the cradle land of planting and farming of Chinese traditional medicine material, manufacture and machining of traditional prepared Chinese drugs, and modern pharmaceuticals industry. As early as 1000 year ago, Anguo town had already become the base of the national Chinese medicine materials to manufacture and process, and is also biggest medicine material distributing center in northern China in North Song Dynasty, at the end of 1950s, the establishment of North China pharmaceutical factory initiated history the large-scale production of antibiotics and western medicine raw material in China, have become the base of the national biggest modern pharmaceutical industry nowadays.

In the period of 9th five-year plan, provincial government has confirmed the medicine industry as one of Hebei's five support industries, bring up and formed some big medicinal cities in Hebei. The medicine industry districts based on Shijiazhuang, Baoding and Chengde, have the primary scale.

2)Construction foundation of Medicinal City

Shijiazhuang is the major medicine produce, treatment, manufacture base approved by State Department in China, possess of massive industrial foundation, enterprise base and product base.

1、Industrial foundation: The output value of The whole mus nicipal medicine industry reach 16 billion RMB  in 2000, account for 20.46% of the whole mus nicipal industry output value, 80% of the whole province medicine industry output value (exclude the medicine for livestock and pesticide), and 6.86% of the total output value of national medicine industry. The sale sum of Medicine commercial enterprises is near 3.6 billion RMB , account for 10.8% of total retail value of whole mus nicipal social commodities. With grandness of the medicine industry, the industries related medicine, such as the medicine chemical intermediate, medical zea mays, starch sugar and etc, also got the substantial development. According to incompletely statistics, medicine industry increment value already was up to 12.5 billion RMB  in 2000, account for 12.5% of the whole mus nicipal GDP. The quick development of the medicine industry made it become the first support industry of the whole city. Nowadays, Shijiazhuang has already established medicine industry system included medicine, crude medicine; medicinal apparatus manufacture, medicinal circulation service, scientific research and education, and become a newly emerging city with medicinal feature in China.

2、Enterprise foundation: in the period of the medicinal industry development, some dominant enterprises with the different features, different categories and competitive capability, formed, and the modernized base of medicine enterprises was established In Shijiazhuang. The manufacturing plants of medicine industry (include the medicine for livestock and pesticide factories) totally reach 289 in Shijiazhuang. There are 202 enterprises producing drugs, 50 enterprises producing medical treatment apparatus, 31 enterprises producing medicinal packaging material houses, 6 enterprises producing sanitary fixture among them in Shijiazhuang. The medicinal business enterprises reach 640, pharmacy retail stores reach above 300, there are 150 pharmacy chain stores among them, Shenwei and Lerentang chain stores possess the scale to a certain extent, and reach 60 and 30 respectively.

The development of the large Medicine dominant enterprises, afford the conditions for the development of the big mus ltinational groups of medicine enterprise. North China medicine group is the most and earliest production base of the antibiotics and semi-synthesis antibiotics in China, has leading technique in the medicine industry, and is the forthgoer and leader in the Chinese medicine industry, whose comprehensive power always lie in the top of national medicine industry, and have the nation-class and world-class R&D system of biological medicine, whose Jintan project is the first R&D and production base of biological medicine that match the international GMP standard, the largest scale and highest-lever hardware in China Shijiazhuang medicine group own the biggest production base of 7-aca in the world, has primary production capacity of spore serial antibiotics in China, whose comprehensive power has been the fifth mighty enterprise in the Chinese medicine industry in the 4 years after establishment, and RMB zheng joint-stock company is the production enterprise of medicine for livestock that firstly pass the GMP authentication of Agriculture Ministry, the integral power is secondly , and the R&D production and operation capability of the medicine for livestock is in the highest flight in the industry in China. Shenwei medicine group possess the production base of the biggest soft capsule in China, and is the industrialization demonstration base of the Chinese drug, whose comprehensive power already is in the first 20 mighty enterprises of industry of prepared Chinese drugs. WeiRMB  biological chemistry group is a national major production enterprise, biggest pesticide production base in north China, is also national important scientific R&D center of pesticide, and whose production power of the pesticide lie in the top of the industry in China. Kedi medicine group is a nation-class major high and new technology pharmaceutical enterprise and the national major experiment base of the medicine industry project whose scientific and research power occupy the status in the development of prepared Chinese drugs and western drugs in China. Yiling pharmacy enterprise has become the private enterprise of production and management of medicine that has the influence in China. Shijiazhuang medicine and medicine material Co. Ltd. Is the largest in scale of operation, the broadest in market coverage area, the most competitive operational enterprise of Chinese and western medicine in the north China (exclude Beijing), whose sale sum of the medicine always is first in trade of Hebei province, whose power and scale has competitive capability in 50 mighty enterprises of Chinese medicine profession.

3、Production foundation: The production and process comprehensive capability of medicine in Shijiazhuang is 1st in China. There are 18 pharmaceutics, 644 products and or so 1000 specification of the chemicals and prepared Chinese drugs produced nowadays. The sale volume of about 20 kinds of pharmacy is above 100 million in 2000. North China penicillin, Shenwei prepared Chinese drugs is the famous trademark in China.

The scale advantage of the chemistry raw material medicine is obvious. 29 kinds of product, 12 kinds of 29 kinds of pharmacies could be produced, the annual   production volume is 200 thousand ton, account for 26% of Chinese total production volume, nowadays. The yield of penicillin, Vitamin C and riomistin account for 40%, 60%, 90% of Chinese total yield respectively, and 16%, 20%, 65% of global total yield respectively in Shijiazhuang. The yield of penicillin, 7-aca, theobromine and riomistin in the chemistry raw material medicine is 1st in the world in Shijiazhuang. The yield of streptomycin, anhydrous glucose, Avi rhzomorph is 1st in China. Penicillin, ampicillin, perfusion, streptomycin, lincomycin, spore azole, spore lading and spore penalgin in pharmaceutics variety lie in the top, and is largest production base of antibiotic power needle in China.

The development of Chinese drug modernization is inspiring. Wufuxinnaokang, qingkailing injecta, tongxinluo capsule, senmai injecta, zhongtong’an capsule, lexinshanmei capsule, longbishu capsule, huoxiangzhengqi soft capsule, qingrejiedu oral liquid and liyanjiedu medicinal granules in the prepared Chinese drug, are famous in China

3)Construction condition of Medicinal City

Location condition

The region that Shijiazhuang locate in is the important fraction of the world-class metropolis centered Beijing, and Beijing is a Chinese center of science, teach, culture, information, finance, commerce and trade. As the important constituent of the big Beijing, the location condition that Shijiazhuang have road to various direction and natural condition that include the semiarid zone and subhumid zone, provides the right smart qualification for the planting of medicine material, production and supply of the chemistry raw material, R&D of the new medicine, process of the medicinal product, circulation of the medicinal commodity and the intercourse of the medicinal information and technique. It is also important prerequisite that Shijiazhuang establish the Medicinal City.

Market condition

China is a country that possesses large population; the number of population has reach 1.3 billion. Huge population, enormous natural population increment, population aging and elevation of the living standard, determine the stably increment of the market of the medicine and the health product. Along with reformation of the town medical insurance, continuously pushing forward of the medicine circulate system reformation, promoting of national basic medicine and medical insurance medicine catalogue, management of the prescription medicine and not prescription medicine respectively, and implement of new drugs administrative law, the total quantity of the medicine and health product will keep on sustained increasing.

Resources condition

Medicine industry is the industry that takes the farm product, natural animal and plant as crude material. Shijiazhuang district is not only the important agricultural production base, but also concentrative habitat of natural animal and plant adjoining the Northwest. According to incompletely statistics, the area of the medicinal crop is 1.5 million mus , and yield of the medicinal material is 200 thousand ton in Shijiazhuang and surrounding region. At the same time, Shijiazhuang district is also national medicinal animal and plant, microorganism resources pool, and abundant biotic resource offer the necessary material qualification for the Medicinal City.

Technical condition

The developing process that there is the history of 3000 years’ Chinese medicine material and about 50 year’ modern pharmaceutical industry in China, provide the predominant technical situation and condition for the construction of Medicinal City. Now the research system of the bioengineering centered North China medicine group, the technical system of high density fermentation centered Shijiazhuang medicine group, the technical system of the prepared Chinese drugs centered Shenwei medicine group, and the R&D system of prepared Chinese drugs entered Yiling medicine group already have the preliminary scale. With the support of the mus nicipal and provincial government, a passel of medicinal major laboratories, medicinal engineering centers, and medicinal technical hatching centers with the major function of science and research, inversion of achievement, semi-plant test, have been established. The system of new medicine R&D with a certain capability has been formed, and a number of achievements in scientific research with industrialized potentiality have been stored. According to the statistic report. there are scientific and research institutes above 7 province-class medicinal in Shijiazhuang nowadays. After 9th five-year plan, 56 kinds of nation-class new medicine have been exploited, among them, there are 2 kinds of class-A new medicine, 6 kinds of class-B new medicine, 10 kinds of class-C new medicine, 38 kinds of class-D, E new medicine, and 89 fruits above province-class achieved. Under the function of resource, technique and market, medicine industry scheme the new breakthrough in Shijiazhuang.

Construction environment of Medicinal City

For construction of Medicinal City in Shijiazhuang, market is vast, the foundation is strong, and the condition is superior. After Chinese entry into WTO, the acceleration of native market internationalization process, the foundation some domestic and international medicine valley, Medicine City and medicine harbor, make international medicine market unprecedented competitive. For Shijiazhuang, there is a certain gap with the rivals in the competition in market, technique, talents and regime. A lot of effort mus st be made in the investment environment and ecological resource environment. For the jumpy development of the medicine industry and achieving the magnificent goal of Medicinal City, the more superior development environment mus st be created than other city, the industrial and spacious advantage of Medicinal City ’ construction mus st be formed as soon as possible.

2、Construction idea of Medicinal City

1)According to the situation of domestic and international medicine industry development and actual condition in Shijiazhuang, the total construction idea of Medicinal City: Follow the two greatest regulations of the medicine industry development and convergence, aiming at the construction of the Chinese medicine manufacture base, the Chinese medicine material production and supply base, Chinese drugs science, research and education base and the Chinese drugs exhibition and trade center, organizing the technical research of the chemical pharmacy, the modernization of Chinese drug, biologic pharmacy, biologic pesticide and medicine for livestock, implementing the projects of the medicine industry area, Chinese drugs exhibition area, Chinese drug planting and farming base, medicine technology inversion base, medicine education and R&D base, and boosting of industry related medicine, rightly dealing with the relation of the interior and exterior, government and enterprise, production and circulation, innovation and imitation, quality and quantity, and the industrial development and environmental protection. Under the provincial government’s support and the mus nicipal government’s leading, gather the enthusiasm of the public, and make Shijiazhuang the metropolis of international medicine industry together.

2)strategy of Medicinal City  construction

promote strategy of Medicinal City  construction

Generally promote the construction of the infrastructure, the innovation, the investment environment, the system of circulation service, talents resource and the industry system related medicine, tightly hold the every segment, increase the development ability of Medicinal City through establishing the complete support system of Medicinal City from the foundation.

double direction exploitation strategy

Continuously extend the scale basing on the existing advantages and the current resource, enhance the ability, expand the realm, and unceasingly implement the positive development strategy; at the same time of the exploiting exterior drugs market, make great effort to attract exterior funds, technique and talented person, implement negative direction development strategy, recur to the exterior help, and accelerate the development of Medicinal City.

strategy of the science and education prospering medicine

The medicine industry is the typically high technique industry. The competition of the medicine industry primarily is competition talented person and the technique. Continuously increase the safety guarantee degree of the talented person and the technique, insist on strategy of the science and education prospering medicine, and promote the development of medicine industry by right of technique and talented person.

3、Construction target of Medicinal City

1)Orientation of Medicinal City  function

Through the total citizens' effort, jumpy increase the function and status of Shijiazhuang medicine industry, Chinese drug process and manufacture base, medicine circulation and information center, medicine education and R&D base, and medicine technology inversion base with Chinese medicine development feature are established in 5-10 years. The higher international popular Chinese Medicinal City with the extreme competitive abilities will be formed.

2)construction target of Medicinal City

In 2005: The increment volume of the medicine industry reach 30 billion RMB  in Shijiazhuang, roughly account for 20% of the GDP of total city. The total output value of the medicine industry reach 60 billion RMB , sale income amount to 50 billion RMB ; benefit and tax reach 5 billion RMB .

In 2010: The increment volume of the medicine industry reach 60 billion RMB , roughly account for 20% of the GDP of total city. The total output value of the medicine industry reach 120 billion RMB , sale income amount to 100 billion RMB ; benefit and tax reach 10 billion RMB .

Innovation index

The rate of new product output value account for 30% in 2005.
The rate of new product output value account for 40% in 2010. Above 100 kinds of new product with strong market competition are exploited. There are or so 10 kinds of new products with the independent knowledge right among them.

enterprise scale index

The amount of the enterprise group which annual sale income amount to 10 billion develop to 3-5 in 2010.

3)Construction mission of Medicinal City

Significantly promote status of medicine status

In order to realize the target of Chinese Medicinal City, firstly, we should put the change from big city to strong city in medicine industry into effort, strengthen the function of the city's medicine industry, extrude the features of medicine industry, promote significantly the ratio of medicine industry in national and mus nicipal economy industry, and strengthen the status of the medicine industry.

mold the image of Chinese Medicinal City

Chinese Medicinal City is a comprehensive conception that comprise of the scale of medicine industry, strength, the status, the history and the culture. Continuously enhance the imagery development of medicine industry city, we could adorn city with the medicine industry, culture and the technique, endow street, square, yard, garden and facility with medicine culture, elevate the medicine image of the city, represent the feature of Medicine City with concrete city image, strengthen the city attraction and cohesion towards medicine industry.

Construct the clean production environment of medicine industry

The particularity of the medicine industry determine that the city regarding medicine industry as dominate industry mus st have the clean, sanitary, beautiful and comfortable environment. It not only guarantees the medicine material and the medicinal raw material stability of quantity, but also ensures the environment to reach the construction standard of green Medicinal City stably. For the exaltation of medicine material and medicine’s quantity, we mus st continuously build the safe environment in production, increase the city's ecological environment quality, create the sanitary, clean production environment of the medicine material and medicine, gradually attain 200 class-b atmosphere environment days above.

Build the brand of Chinese Medicinal City

The brand of the city's industry function is concentrative performance of image, character, quality, style and strength, and also integral value of the city. Build the city’s charm with the brand of Medicinal City, and adopt practical and feasible measures, and develop the comprehensive city brand of Chinese Medicinal City to a vital position

4、construction frame of Medicinal City

1)construction frame of Medicinal City

According to the instructional principle of medicine industry - the medicinal circulation service from weak to strong; the chemistry raw material optimize, prepared Chinese medicine from big to strong, bioengineering from small to big; The Chinese medicine material from crude to fine, we should establish the frame of Medicinal City, and make the ratio of 1st, 2nd, 3rd medicine industry increment from 14:58:28 to 10:59:31 in 2005, to 5:62:33 Until 2010 in Shijiazhuang

establish and complete the manufacture industry system of the drug process

Consolidate and increase the traditional advantage position of chemical medicine, inaugurate the new economy increase point of the prepared Chinese medicine and biological pharmacy, accelerate the exploitation of new product of the pesticide and medicine for livestock, and drive the industry related medicine to a new step. Until 2010,medicine process and manufacture industry in Shijiazhuang would be built into a system with complete system, outstanding features, obvious advantage, interconnection and motive. The whole industrial strength rises to a new stage.

Accelerate construction of the circulation, trade and service system

According to the guideline - adapt situation, change idea; Expand function, elevate start point, innovate system, strengthen vitality; joint breakup, jumpy develop, Shijiazhuang district should be circulation, trade, service center that comprise of circulation, monitor quality, deliver, exchange information, exhibition, and the center occupy Chinese features. And the integral level steps into a new development stage.

construct the medicine material production base with Chinese northern features

Medicine material and medicinal raw material are develop foundation of medicine industry system, the construction of Medicinal City in Shijiazhuang mus st put the construction of production base of medicine and medicinal raw material on a important position. According to the medicinal guideline of development-increase ability, consolidate advantage; Adjust structure, strengthen features; Guarantee quantity, elevate level, completely enhance the construction of the production base of the medicine material and medicinal raw material.

2)Territorial frame of Medicinal City

According to the character of medicine industry and requirement of general layout in Shijiazhuang, ascertain the total layout principle of Chinese Medicinal City in future. The 3rd industry involving the medicine chain service is arranged in the city zone or nearly suburb, the 2nd industry involving process and manufacturing is arranged in the near suburb, the 1st industry involving farming and planting is arranged in the far suburb. Finally, there is a medicine production and circulation metropolis with well-ordered production, reasonable layout, interrelation and interdependence. Then drug stores exist largely in the city, pharmaceutical factory concentrate in the suburb, and medicinal farmland is heavily in presence in county.

Layout of medicinal the 3rd industry

According to the mus nicipal strategy- 2nd industry recede from city zone, and develop 3rd industry, the frame of the constructive layout of the medicine circulation and service business in city zone is: high standard and modernized medicinal circulation and service center should be constructed in the city zone or near city zone; high-school, medicine training center of technical talented person, medicine R&D institute, innovation institute and inversion institute of technology fruit should be arranged along north or west 2nd ring-road, and take account of the construction of new area; In the rebuild of the old city and construction of new zone in Shijiazhuang, we shall build some standardized medicine wholesale, retail pharmacy, mus ltifunctional medical and hygienic facility, the medicine exhibition garden comprise of identification, rest and amus sement functions, medicinal crop garden with special feature, famous sculpture in the world and etc, so it could extrude the character of the city.

Layout of medicinal the 2nd industry

The principle of the medicine processes and manufacture industry layout: Reconstruct old zone, construct new zone, adjust construction, optimize layout. The reconstruction of the old zone: With the GMP authentication of the drug, we should put the process and manufacture industry that the 2nd industry recede from city zone, and 3rd industry develop in city zone, into practice. And the small-scale medicine process industry downtown all moves to the new area of medicine industry of the southeast suburb in 5-10 years. The construction of the new zone: Gradually the development area of high and new technical industry, the development area of economic technique and Yuhua District in the eastern city will be rebuilt to the new area that mainly is in possession of the medicine process the manufacture industry, absorb the enterprises and mus ltinational companies of the other domestic and international cities. And the new area will gradually become the major process center of Chinese Medicinal City that comprise of process and manufacturing, conversion of medicine technology fruits, medicinal R&D and innovation, the hatch of medicine enterprise. We shall continually the construct the industrial zone of the medicine industry in Luancheng, ameliorate the investment environment, make use of the advantage in land value, attract the entry of the process industry related medicine, the deeply process and manufacturing industry of Chinese medicine, the process and manufacturing industry of the health food, and gradually make medicine industrial zone in Luancheng become into the modern Chinese medicine zone of Chinese Medicinal City. Enhance the raw material park’s construction of the starch industry in Zhao County and deep process in Chinese Medicinal City, consolidate and elevate the ability and status of the process and manufacture of the prepared Chinese drug in Wuji, Lingshou, Zhengding, Xinle and Xingtang. These counties will be built as characteristic chemical medicine raw material and Chinese medicine material center.

Layout of medicinal 1st industry

Basic principle of medicinal the 1st industry: Based on the present condition and the construction of the nation-class Chinese medicine material base, we shall gradually realize the spacious evaluative mode from point to line and from line to surface, and expand the district layout of the production of the Chinese medicine material. The planting industry of the medicine material dependent mainly the panting base in Anguo, drive the planting development of Xinle-Xingtang-Lingshou-Pingshan-Jinxing-Kuangqu-Luquan-RMB shi-Zhanhuang and Shenze-
Wuji-Zhengding-Gaocheng-Jinzhou-Xinji district, and found the planting base centered northwest and southwest Shijiazhuang. The medicinal animal farming mainly rely on the characteristic farming of the western mountain area in Shijiazhuang and Baoding district, gradually expand the characteristic farming realm, and elevate the level of characteristic farming technique.

3)Project layout of Medicinal City

The major project system that demand further design and filtration in 10 years: The vital medicine industry infrastructure project that could influence and bring along the overall situation; The medicine industry image project that could strengthen the city’s abstraction to medicine industry; The medicinal R&D project that could increase the support ability of Medicine City; The vital medicine construction project that could enhance the capability of medicinal development; The vital technical alteration project of the advantageous enterprise; The vital capital construction project of the advantageous enterprise; Planting and farming base project that could consolidate and elevate the production capability of Chinese medicine material;

5、Construction emphasis of Medicinal City

1)Medicinal process the manufacturing industry

Consolidate and elevate the advantageous status of the chemical pharmacy

The foundation of medicine industry is the chemical pharmacy, and its advantage also is the chemical pharmacy in Shijiazhuang. We should consolidate the advantage of chemical pharmacy, extend the scale of chemical pharmacy, elevate the level of chemical pharmacy, and keep leading position of chemical pharmacy. We shall increase the structural adjustment of chemical pharmacy, and gradually change the situation that the raw material medicine dominates. At the same time of continuously production exploitation of the chemical raw material medicine, we shall further increase the input of the pharmaceutics manufacturing industry, over-all elevate the production ability and the market share, and raise the ratio of the pharmaceutics manufacturing industry in chemical pharmacy industry. It is necessary to organize the R&D of the chemical pharmacy key technique, lower the production cost, and enhance the ability of chemical pharmacy.

Initiate the new situation of the Chinese medicine modernization

The Chinese medicine is the special features of the Chinese medicine industry, is also a medicinal manufacturing realm that need accelerative development. In order that Shijiazhuang district become the largest Chinese medicine modernized center in China, we shall over-all enhance the construction of the innovative capability of the Chinese medicine technique, found the R&D institute of the Chinese medicine modernization; Aimed at a few outstanding obstructive factors that the Chinese medicine internationalizations, we should take up the industrialization technical R&D, especially acquire the breakthrough in the identification and extracting, pharmaceutics industrialization and process standardization of Chinese medicine.

promote the scale and ability of the biologic pharmacy

The bioengineering medicine is the most potential directional medicine of the medicine industry, and the focus of contemporary pharmacy competition. The construction of Medicinal City mus st put R&D and industrialization of the bioengineering in the importance position in Shijiazhuang, and increase the exploitation and innovation of the bioengineering medicine selectively.

Accelerate the R&D and industrialization of pesticide

The construction of Medicinal City will firmly grasp the research, exploitation and production of the biological pesticide, and make the biological pesticide become a characteristic realm in Shijiazhuang. Support and develop the enterprise groups and technical enterprises regarding biological pesticide as the predominant product, over-all adjust the main product of the current enterprises, gradually lower the ratio of the chemical pesticide, and increase the production ability of the biological pesticide.

Further extend the scale and realm of the medicine for livestock

China is a big country of production in livestock husbandry, and the medicine industry related livestock husbandry face the tremendous opportunity. Increase the investment of software and hardware, and make the large-scale enterprises of medicine for livestock pass the GMP authentication of Agriculture Ministry, improve the currently small-scale, depressive and disordered situation, drive the enterprises to centralization and large-scale, sufficiently take advantage of the technical and resource dominance of the medicine in Shijiazhuang, try our best to exploit the new product of nuisanceless medicine for livestock, meet the need of the market, make the Shijiazhuang medicine for livestock become the best one of the industry in China, and extend the new realm of the construction of Medicinal City .

2)Medicinal circulation and servicing business

over-all enhance the infrastructure construction

For enhancing the circulation and service function of Medicinal City in Shijiazhuang, strengthening the power of the circulation service, and enlarging the market-covering surface, we shall program and construct some large-scale modernized medicinal service and circulation infrastructure from the high jumping-off point in advance. The construction of Chinese medicine exhibition zone will elevate the integral level of the circulation, trade and service business of Medicine City, and provide qualifications for the internationalization.

Build the modern circulation, trade and service system

Establishment of scientific modern circulation, trade and service system will drive the integral development of the medicine industry. Shijiazhuang district will be built into the medicine circulation, trade and service center that could influence and bring along the overall situation of the national medicinal development, and form the modernized, normalized and internationalized circulation, trade and service network in 2010.

3)Planting and farming industry of the medicine

Build the medicine production base with Chinese north feature. The medicine material and medicinal raw material is the foundation of the pharmacy industry, the construction of Medicinal City mus st put the construction of the production base of the medicine material and medicinal raw material in the important position. According to the guideline of the medicine material development-increase ability, consolidate advantage; Adjust construction, enhance feature; Guarantee quality, elevate level, over-all strengthen the production base of the medicine material and medicinal raw material. Basing on consolidating the existing medicine production base, we shall enlarge the plant area of the medicine material and the medicinal raw material crop in 10 years. With the adjustment of the agricultural structure, a lot of comprehensive and specialized Chinese medicine material planting area, Chinese medicine material high-technique industry area, Chinese medicine material improved demonstration area will be built, and a production system medicine material and medicinal raw material crop comprise of the mountain area, the flat land, near suburb and far suburb; Cultivate some production base counties and production and operation groups of the medicine material and medicinal raw material. Until 2010, the plant area of the medicine material and medicinal raw material crop strive for 2 million mus  in Shijiazhuang district.

According to the market require and the situation alteration, we should continuously adjust farming livestock breeding structure, increase the ability and level medicinal animal farming, expand the realm of the medicinal animal farming. When we further enlarge farming scale of the medicinal animal such as turtle, medicine scorpion, leech, sika deer, etc, we shall develop the farming of some absent medicine material in market. Enhance the modern farming infrastructure construction of the medicinal animal, establish a lot of modern large-scale medicinal animal farm with the certain scale and technique level, cultivate a number of large-scale farming groups, and build numbers of the modern medicinal animal farming base villages and counties. Until 2010, we shall strive for more than 10 kinds of advantageous new farming species, and the ratio of medicinal farming animal amount to 5% above.

4)Industry related medicine

Through the assets recombination, the industry correlation and interdependence, the construction of Medicinal City will endeavor to develop industry cluster, gradually form the industry cluster of medicine and related medicine, and drive the rapid development of the industry related medicine. Accelerate the construction of health products R&D and production ability, and make use of the pharmacy advantage of Shijiazhuang to drive the development of the health industry such as medicinal drink, medicinal food, medicinal ornament and medicinal cosmetology; Accelerate the structural adjustment of the current medicinal intermediate and fine chemical product, develop the medical intermediate project such as d- parahydroxyaniline glycine, the lysine, the glyoxalic acid, phenyl acetic acid, adapt the development of Medicinal City ; with  the structural adjustment of the mechanical industry in Shijiazhuang, we shall increase the support for R&D and industrialization of medical apparatus and pharmaceutics equipment, translate from mechanical process advantage into medical apparatus’ process advantage, and found the new production situation of the medical apparatus and pharmacy equipment in Shijiazhuang; Promote the completely development of the medicinal product packing industry in Shijiazhuang, and establish the commercial manufacture system included paper, cloth, glass, plastic, metal, rubber and so on as soon as possible; Strongly develop the medicinal accessories and sanitary material related industry, increase the integral technique and scale, enhance the industrialization research of medicinal accessories such as hydroxypropyβ-cyclodextrin, gelatin, cellulose acetate-phthalate, cellulose acetate, coated material, etc. And the medical accessories such as single-time medical accessories, active wound accessories, sanitary articles, semi finished gauze, degrease medicine gauze and so on, so realizes the synchronous development with medicine industry

6、Guarantee measure of Medicinal City  construction

1)unify the idea and cognition

The construction of Medicinal City relate with the integral situation of the strategic choice of mus nicipal industry development and the realization of jumpy development, and we mus st stick to the idea of city thrive on medicine

The mus nicipal government mus st unify the cognition, change the idea, cooperate each other, and support the construction of Medicinal City, and publicize the strategy of city thrive on medicine. Summon the relevant experts of the domestic and international well-known medicine enterprise and medicinal institute, face the world to launch the campaign such as medicine fair, medicine exhibition and news issue session, furthest publicize the enterprises and famous brand of Shijiazhuang. City planning office take the construction planning of Medicinal City as the important content, pack the city with Medicinal City brand, and design some symbolic buildings of Medicinal City, characteristic memorial sculpture and the residential area with the special features of Medicinal City, to form the atmosphere of Medicinal City; Education and science department take the education and research of Medicinal City as a long-term topic, and set about a serial of education and research related Medicinal City .

The news media deeply publicize the medicinal status of Shijiazhuang around the construction of Medicinal City, report the medicinal achievement of Shijiazhuang, build up the medicinal image of Shijiazhuang, serve as a foil to development environment of Shijiazhuang, and organize the medical subject proseminar; The culture and publishing department take the cultural construction of city as important content of the cultural work, organize the publish of the medicinal culture monograph, biography and history, and build up the cultural atmosphere and idea. Establish the website of medical city as soon as possible, publicize the famous enterprises, product and trademark to world actively; The resident all are the volunteer of medicinal construction, and build up the social atmosphere contributing to Medicinal City.

2)Construct the developmental environment

In order to realize the construction target of Medicinal City, we should constitute and organize to implement a series of preferential policy of the medicine industry development, and build the unparalleled environment of medicinal development in China. We shall implement the territorial preferential policy in the medicinal industry zone and Chinese medicine exhibition zone, and the Shijiazhuang medicinal zone will be built into the most competitive special zone.

Implement the preferential policy in the medicine industry: establish the medicine industry developmental fund primarily, constitute medicinal industry development directive catalogue of Chinese Medicinal City -Shijiazhuang, exert the function of the medicine industry developmental fund through the project, and mainly support the pollution-free, environmental, skimp water, high added value medicinal industry project included in the construction plan of Medicinal City. Establish the risk investment, the guarantee of the construction project and technology special support and talented person education and indraught fund, and make the most of the preferential policy of national and provincial medicine development in industry and business bureau, tax credit bank, plan, city construction, land, environmental protection, medicinal monitor and personnel matters departments. Through the implementing of a series of territorial and industrial preferential policy and construction of the software and hardware, medicine industry will be built into the most competitive industry.

3)System reformation deeply

Deeply reform the system of medicine production and circulation, strengthen the asset recombination, cultivate the medicinal aircraft carrier and mus ltinational enterprise group, and enhance the vitality and competition of the Medicinal City.

Basing on the current advantageous enterprise, build our own medicinal aircraft carrier. Basing on the existing North China medicine group, Shijiazhuang medicine group, Shenwei medicine group, Yiling medicine group, Kedi medicine group, WeiRMB  group, Gaoying group, Shijiazhuang medicinal corporation, deeply reform the enterprise system around the property right, quicken the asset recombination of merger, association and lease, organize the medicinal aircraft carrier of chemical pharmacy, Chinese medicine, biological pharmacy, pesticide and medicine for livestock and medicine circulation, further drive the asset recombination of the medicine industry, and realize the optimize of the resource.

Cultivate and develop medicine industry cluster. Break the restriction of the industrial district and ownership, afford the condition of the entry of domestic and international enterprises, lower the threshold of the entry of exterior enterprises, and build up the all kinds of mus ltinational production and operation enterprises with autonomic developmental capacity and competitive capability and small-scale medicine enterprise with the professional, fine, special and new advantage through the asset recombination, production interdependence, extensive range and extension of the living space. Medicinal city will gradually formed the industry cluster that large-scale medicine enterprise group lead, small-middle-large scale tie in and medicine industry and industry related medicine integrate, it will enhance the competitive capability of Shijiazhuang, and drive the mus nicipal economy to realize the jumpy development.

4)Strengthen the innovative ability

We should increase the technique and innovative ability of production, enhance the protection of the knowledge right, realize the turn of new medicine research from the simus lation to innovation, and adapt to the international market the competitive demand. Set up the main target that research and develop the new medicine and technique with the autonomic knowledge right. Innovation of the new medicine and technique is the foundation of the continuous, high-speed development, and is also the comprehensive embodiment of the medicinal technical development. Accounting for the trend of international medicinal development and the change of human illness gene spectrum, the emphases of the new medicine R&D is medicinal development for cardio-cerebral vascular, cancer, anti-infection, digestion, and respiration and nevus system illness. The emphases of the new technique is engineering technique such as the Chinese medicine technique, the synthesize technique, the membrane application and the enzymatic reaction and so on, mainly absorb the pharmacy technique of biological engineering and other pharmacy. Through combination of the technique and practice, new technique should be turned into the production power as soon as possible, increase the added value of the low-interest common medicine, and realize the second exploitation of the existing production. Transforming the medicine industry by information and biological high-new technique, we shall optimize the technique, lower the cost, elevate the technical level and economic return of the traditional pharmacy industry, and enhance the information level and international competition of the enterprises through the practice of the CIMS information engineering

Gradually establish and consummate the research mechanism of new medicine autonomic development. The enterprise is the main body of the technique development, is also main demander, participating agency and investor of the technique development. Firstly, we mus st establish the enterprise technique development system and valid mechanism, and continuously develop the new product, new craft wand the new technique. Continuously enhance the market operation of enterprise technical development center, try out the encouraging measure that technology personnel buy a share, fully mobilize and exploit the enthusiasm of the technical personnel and contribute to technical innovation and technical progresses. Gradually forming the new medicine R&D system that production, education and research combine mainly basing on the large-scale enterprises and depending the high school and institute.

Synthetically making use of the preferential policy of medicine industry and increasing the technical development input, The technical development fee of the large and medium-scale medicine enterprises will account for 3% above of the sale sum, strive for 5% above after 2-3 years. The conditional high and new technique enterprise will account for 10% above, gradually approach the average level of pharmacy enterprise of international developed nation. For the technical development fee that directly research and develop the support condition of the new medicine, government will strongly give more the support in the industry policy.

5)Normalize the market order

For the exaltation of medicinal popularity of Shijiazhuang, we shall continuously enhance the construction of the supervise and control system of mus nicipal medicinal modernization, enhance the monitor management in medicine market, and normalize the production, operation of the drugs to create good market environment.

Strengthen the medicinal supervise: Strictly carrying out national new drugs administrative law, according to the practice of Shijiazhuang, we could constitute and implement Shijiazhuang medicinal market supervise management measure to ensure the normal order of the medicinal production and circulation. The enterprises that produce and sell the fake, pseudo, forge and poor medicine will be roundly stricken and take on the criminal responsibility for endangering the society. If the production quality is below grade and the production condition doesn’t meet the national specification, the enterprise will be suspended or reformed. And the enterprise with serious quality problem will be shut down. Thoroughly regulate the false high price problem, decontamination the circulation market of the drugs, guarantee safety and validity of the medicine, and construct a healthy, civilized and authentic Medicinal City.

Establish the high-standard quantity guarantee system. Through the guide of the policy and the restriction of the law, the enterprise could self-consciously regard the quality as its life and firmly build up the quality idea. We shall assist the enterprises in passing GMP, GAP, GLP, GSP, GCP and FDA quality system authentication, practice the scientific normative management standard, reform the hardware, improve the software and gradually connect with international production and management level. Absorb and draw lessons from the international advanced management thought and means, adopt the advanced BP, USP quality standard, continuously increase the product quality level, and make the mus nicipal medicine enterprise become the symbol of the good product quality.

6)Quicken the education of talented person

The industrial competition is the competition of the talented person in the finally analysis. We mus st cultivate and absorb all kinds of talented person and strengthen the potentiality of Medicinal City.

Establish the cultivation system of the medicine talented person With the provincial government support, relying on medicine college of Hebei Medical University, biological engineering college of Hebei Technology University, biological engineering college of Hebei Teacher University and the related profession of the other college, province and city will cooperate to build the Hebei medicine engineering university that cultivate the high-class medicinal talented person through the adjustment of the profession and subject; Relying on the private medicine education institutes in Shijiazhuang district, we shall establish the medicinal specialized college to cultivate medium-class medicine industry talented person through the adjustment and recombination; Reform some profession education center, found the medicine occupation education system for the train the primary medicinal talented person and worker, form the strong support system of the talented person and ensure the medicinal development demand for high-quality talented person and worker.

Cultivate and absorb the talented person actively. Account for the technical system reform, we shall strengthen medicinal science and research institute, extend the scale and power of provincial and mus nicipal medicinal science and research institute, improve the condition, organize the provincial and mus nicipal medicinal institute and postgraduate college, and cultivate the medical high-quality talented person; Strengthen the long-term stable cooperative contraction with Nanjing Chinese Medicine University, Shenyang Medicine Institute, Beijing Chinese Medicine Institute, medicinal college of Beijing University and Beijing medicine institute, and absorb the talented person in proper time. Establish the construction consult organization of Medicinal City .We shall invite the domestic and international well-known expert and national decision making management personnel to participate the decision making and consult of the Medicinal City construction, hold the right direction of Medicinal City development, and increase the ability of decision making and controlling the domestic and international market.

7)Extend open

Participating competition for the western medicine and exporting of Chinese medicine mus st roundly strengthen the economic and technical exchange and cooperation of international medicine realm. For alleviating the contradiction of supply and demand of social resource and the market competitive pressure of Medicinal City, we mus st further open, build the open Medicinal City, and openly build Medicinal City.

Enhance the exchanges and cooperation of the international medicine industry. Establish the circulation, service and trade system connecting with international market, strengthen the association and cooperation of admittance of medicine commodity market, clear the all kinds of the obstacle and unreasonable restriction of admittance to international market for Chinese medicine, at the same time abolish the local and industrial protectionism, and provide the condition that medicine merchant enter into the local market; Enhance the cooperation and association of in the medicine product sale technique and the sale management professional realm, and increase the general disposition of the medicine trade, circulation and service realm; Expand the space and realm of the chain management, and increase the ratio of mus nicipal medicine in the world. Further enhance the economic and technical association of the western medicine realm, and make most of the market blank of foreign expired patent, enhance the process and manufacture industry of the western medicine, and exploit the international market. 

Further extend the medicinal economic and technical cooperation with the advanced city such as Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Harbin, Kunming, Shenyang, etc. Make most of the capital, technique, talented person, intelligence, information and migratory project, recruit deficiency of the Medicinal City construction, exert to found the medicine enterprise zone that absorb the migratory medicine industry in Beijing and Tianjin. Strengthen the cooperation with Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Xizang and Neimonggu with obvious regional feature Chinese medicine material and Chinese medicine industrialization and Shanghai and Beijing with biological engineering pharmacy, and enhance the resource and technical guaranteed of Medicinal City. Strengthen the cooperation of Anguo medicine material base in Baoding, make most of the advantage of the Anguo terminal market of Chinese medicine, and develop the medicine economy.

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