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Chinese Medicinal City–Construct the Medicinal Town Around Medicinal City


When the good news of Chinese Medicinal City construction transmits to Luancheng, the people are inspired by the news. We always regard the medicine industry as the predominant industry in Luancheng, and have the magnificent ideal that Luancheng County is built into Medicinal Town. Luancheng County is built into Medicinal Town; it is not only the important segment of Medicinal City, but also the strategy that Luancheng County realizes the economic flight. So we organized the relevant leaders and departments to seriously investigate and research for medicine industry, make our confidence to medicine town more firmly and make our idea more clear.

Construction of medicine town has already had the very solid foundational condition. Firstly, medicine industry area in Luancheng has already had the preliminary scale. The area possess 5.54 square kilometers  in program, own 9 pharmacy enterprises, cover 2.59 square kilometers . The total asset is 1.762 billion RMB , the sale incoming 1 billion RMB , the interest and tax is 120 million RMB . And it will become a large-scale comprehensive medicine production base including the modern Chinese medicine pharmaceutics, antibiotic raw material medicine, medicinal pharmaceutics, medicine intermediate and chemical raw material. Secondly, hold the stronger technical advantage. Medicinal R&D and technique is more concentrative correspondingly. There are more than 10 of above 30 predominant products belonging to the national high and new technique product, the most sales volume in China or popular product in the industry area, and Shenwei assess at the Chinese famous trademark. Thirdly, the advantage of the resources and location is obvious. Luancheng nearly adjoins provincial capital, close to the Beijing and Tianjin, and expediently contract with the medicinal enterprises, high school and institute. At the same time, have the more raw material resource, and Luancheng County is the high quality corn production area, it could guarantee medicinal production for the raw material demand. Therefore, the medicine industry area possesses the construction condition of Medicinal Town not only in industrial scale and technique aspect, but also in infrastructure aspect. The construction of medicine town has clear idea and the strategic measure. Basing on the extensive inquisition and research and consultation for the experts' opinion, we got a definite development idea and the target: Exert the basic advantage of current industry, extrude the special features of the Chinese medicine modernization, regard the Chinese medicine modernization, chemical raw material medicine, biological pharmacy, genetic engineering as the direction and emphasis of the development, and continuously strengthen the infrastructure construction. By the end of the 10th five-year plan, the total investment value of the medicine industry amount to above 2.5 billion RMB , the total production value amount to 3.8 billion RMB , and interest and tax value reach 380 million RMB  in Luancheng. Luancheng County will be worthy of the name-medicine town, and realize the further development of the medicine industry. Around the idea and target, strive for the practice of the two strategies. One is operation strategy of medicine town. According to the market operation way, we shall establish the market operation pattern around the enterprise and absorb the assets such as land, facility, assets and invisible assets such as trademark, image, and talented person into the operation realm. We shall absorb the social investors with advanced technique and excessive capital, organize the social entity with corporate capability, and carry through integral operation and scientific plan according to the development idea of operating Medicinal Town. At the same time, according to the requirement of characteristic industry development, we shall actualize the uniform packing and optimize the integral image of Medicinal Town. The other is the strategy of technical innovation. Strengthen the work that the high-new technique reform the traditional industry, absorb the new technique actively, popularize the new technique, drive the optimization and upgrade of the production, enlarge the market share, and increase the kernel competition of the current enterprises. Relying on Shenwei company, we shall build the Chinese medicine modernization industry more large and more strong, and set up the largest production and R&D base of Chinese medicine soft capsule, water injection and particle substance. Further enhance the contraction with North China pharmacy, Shijiazhuang pharmacy, Hebei construction investment company, we expect to attain the support and cooperation in the capital, technique, talented person, information aspects, accelerate the technical innovation of the existing enterprises, continuously extend the scale of the enterprise, and increase the market competition and anti-risk capability.

Build the Medicinal City and city thrive on medicine

Dozens of well-known experts came to Shijiazhuang, carry through the extensively and deeply study, discuss, analysis and demonstrate for the construction plan and medicinal development of Medicinal City, and affirm its feasibility and rationality. This meeting is the programming and demonstrate meeting of Medicinal City construction of Shijiazhuang, also is the mobilization meeting of medicinal development of Shijiazhuang. We congratulate to the success of the demonstrate meeting ardently!

This meeting was held as the demonstrate meeting of the Medicinal City construction of Shijiazhuang, but in fact became a large-scale rap session of the Chinese medicinal development, a analysis meeting of situation that Chinese medicine open towards the world, and a design meeting of strategy that Chinese medicine cope with the new condition. The fine and special analysis of the experts clearly open out the surrounding of Chinese medicinal development, pack up the idea of Chinese medicinal development, take apart the trouble and problem of Chinese medicinal development, drive the position of Chinese medicine in the global medicinal development. Comrades related department mus st pay more attention to the opinion and suggestion of experts, hold the direction of the medicinal development of Shijiazhuang, adjust the idea of our medicinal development, strengthen the foresee of restriction and difficulties of medicinal development after entry into WTO, and ensure the continuous, rapid and healthy development of mus nicipal medicine.

The satisfactory success of the demonstrate meeting again prove, developing medicine industry and Medicinal City match the direction of the industrial development and mus nicipal condition, and is a right strategy decision. The medicine industry is a sunrise industry of vast market foreground. In recent years, rapidly advance of the biological technique and increasing of the living standard endow the medicine industry with vitality and energy. In another word, the foreground of medicine industry is promising. Shijiazhuang district is the traditional Chinese medicine production base, also is one of the fastest cities of medicine development after open.

The development of enterprises such as North China medicine group, Shijiazhuang group, Shenwei medicine group, Yiling medicine group, settle the stiff foundation of the medicinal industry in Shijiazhuang. Shijiazhuang has already become the large Medicinal City with the special features of medicinal production in China. Account for the location, market, resource and technique, we could firmly make a conclusion that the construction of Chinese Medicinal City possess the advantageous condition in Shijiazhuang. On the one hand, we mus st see the advantage and set up the successful confidence. On the other hand, we also realize the trial of the construction of the Chinese Medicinal City. Chinese Medicinal City should become the production, process and circulation center of Chinese medicine material; medicine research, development and innovation center; medicine monitor and control center; the windows that Chinese medicine industry goes abroad. The distance that Shijiazhuang achieves the targets is still big. The medicine industry of Shijiazhuang already possess some advantage conditions, becomes a big Medicinal City, but not strong Medicinal City .The purpose that we establish the construction program of Medicinal City transform Shijiazhuang from a big city to a strong city. Even if difficulties are bigger and the resistance is stronger, we also constantly move forward to this target.

Now, we have completed the program of Medicinal City, but just is the beginning of Medicinal City construction. The realization of blueprint needs our hard work. We believe that as long as we mobilize the enthusiasm of the public, especially the domestic and international investor, the grand blueprint of Medicinal City could certainly turn into the reality.

Found the biggest Medicinal City in China in 2010

Shijiazhuang will be built into Chinese Medicinal City! As soon as the word was issued, the citizens were inspired in Shijiazhuang. The so-called a little of spirit, a little of business, we should also have the own brand. The focus concentrate that how to build Medicinal City. Recently, Xun Zhenchuan, the vice- director of planning committee, receive the consultation of the reporter.

Reporter: Why Shijiazhuang build Medicinal City? The issue of Will Shijiazhuang Become Chinese Medicinal City? In Shijiazhuang Daily brings the concern of the public, many readers are concerned about the construction of Medicinal City .Why Shijiazhuang expect to set up Medicinal City?

Xun: The construction of Medicinal City has already been written in the outline of the 10th five-year plan. Firstly, Medicine industry of Shijiazhuang advanced. Now, there are 260 production enterprises, 640 medicinal commercial enterprises in the medicine industry of Shijiazhuang. The average net value of the fixed assets amount to 10 billion RMB  in last year, the production value of the medicine industry amount to 12.91 billion RMB , and ranked 2nd in 38 major cities in China. The total production value accounts for 16% of the industrial production value, and the interest and tax account for 12% of the total industry benefit and tax. Sale incoming account for 80% of the medicine industry, and the interest also account for 90%, these are all foundation. Secondly, extrude the special features of local economy. Now global economy integrates. But for a region, it just is the development of the regional economy; the regional economy is characteristic economy. The regional economy of Shijiazhuang should have the special  features of Shijiazhuang, the idea that expect large-scale and omnipotence is realistic. Recently, the spinning, agricultural machines, electronics, machine all need update in Shijiazhuang. However, medicine is still our special feature. Thirdly, build the regional brand. Wuhan is light valley, Ningbo is a clothing city, and Detroit is car city. What is the brand of Shijiazhuang? Shijiazhuang demands a brand, enter into the whole nation, enter into the world, join the economic integration of the whole world.

Concrete meaning of Medicinal City

Reporter: It seems Shijiazhuang regard Medicinal City as a city’s card. However, what is the concrete meaning of Medicinal City?

Xun: Be large-scale and strong, the largest and strongest in China. It is the process of cognition of Medicinal City for us. First, we think that Shijiazhuang is a large Medicinal City such as North China medicine group, Shijiazhuang medicine group, etc. These enterprises are large-scale and famous. After we carried through investigation, especially in south and northeast, we realize that Medicinal City is not only large, but also strong, and think that Shijiazhuang not only become the medicinal production base, but also the circulation center, R&D center, information center, training center, etc.

Concrete programming of Medicinal City

Reporter: Now does the construction of Medicinal City have the concrete programming?

Xun: We are planning. Primary leaders of the Mus nicipal government paid attention to the construction of Medicinal City, instructed us time after time. The notice that Shijiazhuang government build the leading team of the mus nicipal construction of Medicinal city was published just now in 17 December, and Zang Shengye, major, shoulder the head of team; Wang Haiyang and Chen Qiming, vice major, shoulder the vice header of the team; and leading team locate in the office of the planning committee.

Reporter: Could you reveal the concrete programming content of the Medicinal City construction?

Xun: The rudiment of Medicinal City will be built in 2005, and the largest Medicinal City will be founded in China in 2010, these are the general targets. This programming that we are doing has four characteristics. Firstly, it is the programming with high jump-off, is not the programming of the special region (administration district), but is the programming of economic circle, for example we will rely on the medicine material of Anguo, the scientific research and education resource of Beijing, etc. Secondly, the enterprises anticipate the programming. The enterprises are the catch point of the Medicinal City construction. The enterprises anticipate and dominate the programming, so this program will have the substantial results. Thirdly, this is the more prospective programming. We shall invite the domestic and provincial well-known experts to anticipate the programming, not consider Shijiazhuang according to Shijiazhuang, but consider China and world according Shijiazhuang. Finally, open programming Mus nicipal planning committee will hold the mus ltiform conversazione, and abstract the social public to give counsel for Medicinal City construction. The citizens could deal 6688573, the number of the hot line. In succession, we will take some fatal measures, for instance that will set up the largest Medicine Industrial Zone, Medicine Circulation Center, planting and farming demonstrate base of Chinese Medicine Material, and attract the domestic and international 50 strongest medicine enterprises to invest and develop in Shijiazhuang. In the period of the 10th five-year plan, the amount of the planned medicine industrial investment will amount to 10 billion RMB , and amount for above 12.5% of the industrial investment. The medicinal production value amount for 25% of mus nicipal GDP, and anticipate reaching above 30% by the end of the 10th five-year plan.
Reporter: We expect that Shijiazhuang will become the biggest Medicinal City in China in 2010!

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