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Recommended Traveling Routes


The route of driving

Single visitor:  the north bus station in SHIJIAZHUANG--PINGSHAN DISTRICT --TUOLIANG
1. Start at 7:00am and turn back from TUOLIANG at 2:00om
2.Taking a bus from the north bus station in Shijiazhuang to the Pingshan bus station,start at 8:00am from Pingshan and turn back from Tuoliang at 3:00pm

Driving by yourself:
1.ShiQing intersection in ShiTai highway(Pingshan intersection in JingKun highway)--Pingshan District--Xibaipo Road--turn to 207 national highway at SuJiaZhuang--Manshan Bridge--Tuoliang
2.ShiQing intersection in ShiTai highway(Pingshan intersection in in JingKun highway)--Pingshan District--Xibaipo Road--Xibaipo --ChangSang Bridge--XiaoJue--Tuoliang

The selected travel route
1.Xibaipo 75km Tuoliang two days travel
2.Tuoliang 45km Wutai Mountain two days travel
3.Xibaipo--Tuoliang--Wutai Mountain three days travel

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