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 In the city of Shijiazhuang there are not only historic sites including famous historical cities and commemoration places of modern revolution, but also natural landscapes such as mountain forest, lake, hot spring, etc., moreover, Shijiazhuang has the special resources of social customs, shopping, city sightseeing and so on.

The whole city now has 18 key relics under state protection and 105 key relics under province protection and 240 key relics under municipality or county protection. All kinds of cultural relics spots amount to 1200 or so. It has two national scenic spots (Cangyan Mountain, Zhangshiyan) and two provincial scenic spots (Fenglong Mountain, Tiangui Mountain). Moreover, it has one national famous historical city---Zhengding, one provincial famous historical city---Zhao county, 4 provincial vocational villages (Panlong Lake, Cangyan Mountain, Wentang, Zhangshiyan), one national forest park (Wuyuezhai), seven provincial forest park (Xiantai Mountain, Tuoliang, Nansizhang, Chizhi, Longzhou Lake, Sibaipo, etc.), and 6 national and provincial patriotism educational bases.

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