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 Shijiazhuang is abundant in natural resources. There are more than 50 mineral resources proved up, more than 1,100 lodes. The reservest of 17 mineral resources have been proved up, scattering in 58 lodes. The resources of high quality include coal, natural gas, limestone, dolomite, quartz and white mica. Such minerals as iron, manganese, chrome, vanadium, titanium, copper, lead, and zinc spread in the regions and counties located in the east side of Taihang Mountains.18 resources of terrestrial heat have been discovered, and the total flux of hot water is 13,900 cubic meters each day, of which the underground hot water in Wentang County has a natural outcrop, and is temperature is 68 centigrade. The water quality if superior and the water is rich in niton, which has a high medical value.

Energy resources mainly include coal, terrestrial heat and natural gas. The mining area is mainly rich in quality mine that is in the last phase of exploiting now. Terrestrial heat is a developmening industry in recent years, and it has already been exploited in Pingshan county and Xinji City, moreover, Gaocheng city and Wuji county are making preparation for exploiting terrestrial heat. Metal resources mainly include gold, iron, bauxite, etc. Gold is mainly distributed over the counties of Lingshou and Pingshan, of which Shihu gold- mine located at Lingshou county is the largest joint factory in Shijiazhuang that can pick, choose, and melt gold ore, and with gold’s annual output of more than 10000 liang. Iron ore is mainly magnetite, most of which is distributed over Pingshan county and Zanhuang county. And bauxite is mainly distributed over Jingxing county.

Non-metal minerals mainly include limestone, dolomite, quartz sandstone, sillimanite, sagger, mica schist, steatite, steatite, serpentine, quartz, feldspar, diabase, granite, marble, griotte, barite, etc, among which veneer stone and limestone that is made for carbide, alkali, solvent take the important part in Hebei province, and the quality veneer stones such as Pingshanhong and Zhongguohei are very popular among the customers. Water mineral is mainly mineral water that is widely distributed over Shijiazhuang and at present there are 40 fountains of miner water and 8 exploiting factories.



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